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How to Revive an Arkansas LLC

The revive a revoked Arkansas LLC, you’ll need to file and pay all past due Franchise Tax reports. Below, we provide a free, step-by-step guide to bringing your revoked Arkansas LLC back into good standing.

Revive Or Reinstate An Arkansas Limited Liability Company

The Arkansas Secretary of State no longer administratively or involuntarily dissolves LLCs, so there’s no process in place for reinstating an LLC. However, if your LLC fails to pay the Arkansas Franchise Tax, your LLC will be revoked.

While you can’t revive a business in Arkansas, you can bring one back into good standing. To do so, you’ll simply need to file and pay all past due Arkansas Franchise Tax Reports.

What happens if my Arkansas LLC is revoked?

If your Arkansas LLC is revoked, you’ll be unable to file any new documents with the Arkansas Secretary of State. You’ll also be unable to obtain an Arkansas Certificate of Good Standing, a document required by most states for foreign qualification.

How do I file my past due Arkansas Franchise Tax?

You can file your past due Arkansas Franchise Taxes either online, by mail, or in person with the Arkansas Secretary of State’s Business and Commercial Services.

To file online, you’ll need to search for your LLC using either your LLC’s name, fictitious business name, Arkansas registered agent information, or filing number. Once you locate your LLC’s business record, you’ll see a link to “Pay Franchise Tax for this corporation.” Click that and you’ll be prompted to complete your Franchise Tax reports and pay the owed fees and penalties.

To file by mail or in person, you’ll need to fill out and print the correct Franchise Tax Report form and either mail or hand-deliver it to Business and Commercial Services.

Need more help? Check out our guide to filing the Arkansas Franchise Tax Report.

How much does it cost to bring my Arkansas LLC back into good standing?

It depends on how many Franchise Tax reports you’ve failed to file. For each delinquent Franchise Tax report, Arkansas LLCs are charged a $25 late fee plus 10% interest on the total amount due. The interest continues to accrue, but the total penalty won’t be more than twice the original amount you owe.

How many Franchise Tax Reports can I miss before my Arkansas LLC is revoked?

If you don’t pay your Arkansas Franchise Tax for three years, your LLC will enter revoked status.

I owe a lot in Arkansas Franchise Taxes. Can I just start over and form a new LLC?

No. Arkansas state statutes prohibit anyone who is “substantially connected to any corporation or limited liability company that owes past-due franchise taxes” from filing any paperwork with the Arkansas Secretary of State, including the documents needed to form an Arkansas LLC.

Can I change my registered agent when I bring my Arkansas LLC back into good standing?

Yes. You can change your Arkansas registered agent when you file your current Franchise Tax Report.

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