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How To File A Kentucky LLC Amendment

Step By Step Guide To Kentucky LLC Amendments


How to file a Kentucky LLC Amendment:

To amend your Kentucky LLC Articles of Organization you submit form Articles of Amendment to the Kentucky Secretary of State (SOS). The form is available in your online account once you sign up with Northwest. You can also find the amendment form on the SOS website. If the SOS forms do not meet your needs, you may not attach additional documentation. But Kentucky SOS does allow you to draft custom articles of amendment.

Submit the articles and an exact copy and the filing fee by mail or in person to the Kentucky Secretary of State. You can pay fees by cash, check (to Kentucky State Treasurer, and debit or credit. Checks should be payable to the “Kentucky State Treasurer.”

Can you re-state the initial articles instead of filing an amendment?

Yes, you may restate the articles of organization. You may also file amended and restated articles. If you do restate the articles and include a new amendment that requires member approval, that would have to be approved first.

Restated Articles of Organization: $40
Amended and Restated Articles of Organization: $80

Are there any specifics you can or can’t include with a Kentucky LLC amendment?

The limited liability company may amend its articles of organization to add, update, or delete any provision that is allowed to be in the articles of organization.

How much does a Kentucky Limited Liability Company amendment cost?

Kentucky LLC Amendment of Articles of Organization: $40

How long does it take the state to process a Kentucky Limited Liability Company amendment?

Kentucky SOS begins to process documents on the day they are received, but it may take up to three business days to file the amendment.

How will your Kentucky LLC amendment be returned?

Once the Articles of Amendment are filed, the Kentucky Secretary of State sends a file stamped postcard to the LLCs principal office address. If you want your documents sent to some other address, you can submit a written request. Submit a separate request with each document you file with the SOS.

What state agency do you file an amendment with?

File your Articles of Amendment with the Kentucky Secretary of State: Division of Corporations

Mail documents for filing to:
Elaine N. Walker
Office of the Secretary of State
PO Box 718
Frankfort, KY 40602-0718

Or personally deliver documents between 8 am and 4:30 pm:
Room 154, Capital Building
700 Capital Avenue
Frankfort, KY 40601

Can you change the Kentucky LLC members or managers on an amendment?

No, you can only change your members and managers when you file your annual report.

Can you change the Kentucky registered agent on the amendment?

Do not file an amendment to change your Kentucky registered agent. If you would like change your Kentucky LLCs registered office or agent, you have to file a Statement of Change of Principal Office Address, Registered Agent, and/or Registered Office Address form with the SOS.

Can you change the principal office address and/or the mailing address on an LLC amendment?

You don’t amend articles to change your principal office. If you want to change the principal office, file a statement of change form with the SOS.

Kentucky SOS forms:

Kentucky SOS Business Filing Forms Library

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