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How to Reinstate a Pennsylvania LLC

Pennsylvania doesn’t administratively dissolve LLCs. However, if you fail to file your decennial report, your LLC’s name will no longer be reserved for your use. To reinstate your LLC’s name, you can file your late decennial report. If your Pennsylvania LLC’s name has been taken, you’ll need to choose another business name.

Revive A Pennsylvania Limited Liability Company

In Pennsylvania, there’s no process in place for reinstating or reviving a limited liability company. That’s because unlike in most states, the Pennsylvania Department of State does not administratively dissolve, terminate, or cancel LLCs for noncompliance. However, there are some consequences for failing to keep your business current with the Pennsylvania Department of State.

If you fail to file your decennial report, your LLC’s business name will become available for other companies to adopt. Your Pennsylvania LLC will continue to exist, but doing business under your business name could open you up to legal trouble—especially if another company registers and uses your business name. In addition, your Pennsylvania LLC will no longer be in good standing with the Department of State, which could prevent you from expanding your business into other states.

How do I bring my Pennsylvania LLC back into good standing?

Luckily, the remedy for bringing your Pennsylvania LLC back into good standing is simple. You’ll just need to file your late decennial report and pay the $70 fee with the Pennsylvania Department of State’s Office.

As soon as you file your delinquent decennial report, your Pennsylvania LLC’s name will be reinstated—with one exception. If another business has adopted your Pennsylvania LLC’s name, you won’t be able to reinstate under the same name.

Do you need more information on reporting requirements in Pennsylvania? See our guide on How to File the Pennsylvania Decennial Report.

What if another business has taken my Pennsylvania LLC’s name?

If another business in Pennsylvania has adopted your LLC’s name after you failed to file a decennial report, you’ll have to change your business name.

How long do I have to reinstate my Pennsylvania LLC’s name?

There’s no limit on how long you have to file your late Pennsylvania decennial report—you can revive a business in Pennsylvania anytime.

However, if you haven’t filed your decennial report by January 1st following the year it was due, your Pennsylvania LLC’s name automatically becomes available to other companies. The longer you wait to file your decennial report, the more likely it becomes that another business will register under your business name.

How can I find out if another business is using my Pennsylvania LLC’s name?

You can conduct a search on the Pennsylvania Department of State’s Online Business Entity Search to see if your name has been taken.

Can you change your registered agent when you reinstate a Pennsylvania LLC?

Technically speaking, Pennsylvania has no process in place to revive a business, so you can’t change your Pennsylvania registered agent when you reinstate. However, if you’re filing a delinquent decennial report to regain your good standing, yes, you can change your registered agent at that time on that form.

How much does it cost to reinstate my Pennsylvania LLC’s name?

Pennsylvania doesn’t charge late fees if you miss your decennial report. You’ll only have to pay the $70 decennial report filing fee to reinstate your LLC’s name. If you’re filing online, you can pay by credit card. Mailed filings must include a check or money order made payable to “Department of State.”

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