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How to Move Your LLC to Wyoming


Wyoming LLC Domestication

What is Domestication?

Domestication, when it comes to Wyoming LLCs, means moving an existing company that is registered in a different state to Wyoming. The state officially refers to this transaction as a Foreign Limited Liability Company Articles of Continuance in Wyoming.

What are the Advantages of Domesticating in Wyoming?

If you have an LLC registered in a different state, you don’t receive the benefits of Wyoming’s tax structure or the state’s strong asset protection laws. Wyoming is also an inexpensive state to operate a business in compared to expensive states like Nevada.  To enjoy the advantages of operating a business in Wyoming, you may consider simply dissolving your current LLC and starting a new one in Wyoming. That certainly would be an option, but you would lose your original date of organization and may need to do a lot of busy work (new operating agreements, new stationary, new everything)–you’d basically be starting all over. With domestication, your company and its date of organization, credit ratings, and governing documents remain intact. The only thing that changes is your business’s address.

How To Domesticate An LLC In Wyoming

Obtain Certificate of Good Standing

Get a Certificate of Good Standing from your home State. In many states, you can do this online for a small fee. Your LLC must be in good standing with your current state before your can move.

Obtain Certified Copy of Articles of Organization

You’ll also need to get a current certified copy of your LLC’s Articles of Organization. In many states, this can be obtained online, but in others, you may need to wait one to two weeks.

LLC Resolution

Before completing Wyoming’s documents, you’ll need to create a resolution stating that the members have agreed to domesticate the LLC in Wyoming, and dissolve the LLC in its home state. There’s no official form and the resolution could even be hand written. The important thing is that resolution constitutes proof that all members agree on the move.

Complete Articles of Dissolution in Home State (DO NOT FILE!)

Wyoming Secretary of State also needs to see that you’ve filled out the Articles of Dissolution in your home state, but do not yet file this document. It will be that final document to file, as you want to make sure Wyoming approves your LLC before moving forward.

File Articles of Continuance in Wyoming

Now you can file the Articles of Continuance in Wyoming. You’ll need to include copies of your LLC’s: resolution, certified Articles of Organization, Certificate of Good Standing, and the unfiled Articles of Dissolution. The Articles of Continuance cost $100 to file. Wyoming Secretary of State wait times are about one week.

File Articles of Dissolution in Home State

Do NOT file dissolution documents until receiving confirmation form Wyoming!
After receiving confirmation from Wyoming that the Articles of Continuance, file the Articles of Dissolution in what was formerly known as your home state, then wave goodbye! Your new home is now Wyoming!

Be aware that certain states have more rigorous LLC dissolution processes than others

(New York LLC dissolutions are no fun).

Our Domestication Services:

Domesticating an LLC to Wyoming can be a tough, confusing task. But we domesticate LLCs in Wyoming for clients every week! We’re a national company with offices in every state, so we have no special stake in Wyoming; it’s just that Wyoming is one of the cheapest states to operate a business in and remains one of the top business-friendly states in the country, so a lot of clients want to move there, and over the years we’ve come to be experts in Wyoming LLC domestications. Plus, we offer an amazing service. See for yourself:

When you order our Wyoming LLC Domestication Service, we will: 

  • Obtain all the necessary documents from your home state.
  • File all paperwork with your home state.
  • File all paperwork with Wyoming.
  • Include a year of registered agent service.

Our price varies depending on the document fees in your home state, but for an expensive state like Nevada, we charge $575 total. No hidden fees, no gimmicks, just real service.

When the domestication process is complete, you will reap all the benefits of a Wyoming LLC. Wyoming requires everyone’s signatures to be originals, so if you want a super rush on this, there could be some overnight FedEx or UPS fees for you to get the documents back to us after you sign them. If you would like our help to move your company to Wyoming, you can sign up online for our Wyoming domestication service if you are transferring from Nevada, California, Florida or Delaware. To transfer from other states, please give us a call, submit your info on our Contact Us page, or you can sign up for our Wyoming LLC formation service. It won’t ring up the total price to move your LLC to Wyoming, because everyone’s situation is usually a little different, and there are so many variables on what your home State fees will be, but it will get you close, and we can just take your credit card over the phone for the rest.


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