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Why Choose Us To Form Your Nonprofit?

Nonprofit Incorporation Service

Seven Reasons Why People Hire Us

1. Speed

We start on your order right away.
We don’t charge you extra when you choose the states expedited option.
We don’t have different packages. It’s just always fast.

2. Fair Price

We don’t mark up the state filing fees.
You pay us exactly what you would pay the state.
We charge a $100 filing fee and $125 for our registered agent service.
That’s it.

3. More Included Services

Custom drafted articles with tax exemption language or without
Initial resolutions
Nonprofit bylaws for your specific type of nonprofit
1 Year registered agent service

4. Online Tools

Annual report compliance
Industry leading nonprofit specific compliance reminders
Scans of items we receive
State resources

5. Local Economy

When you hire us, we actually pay taxes to the state, thus putting your money back into your local economy.

6. Long Term Relationship

When we help you start your business, we’ll be your registered agent.
We’re always here, helping you stay in good standing with the state.

7. Trust

When you hire us, WE will be your registered agent.
When you sign up, we go over your order with you, over the phone, to make sure we understand your situation and needs.

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