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Alabama Nonprofit Charity Registration

A Free Guide To How To Register Your Nonprofit As A Charity In Alabama

Am I required by law to register my nonprofit as a charity in the state of Alabama?

According to Alabama law, you only have to register your nonprofit as a charity if it solicits contributions within the state for charitable purposes. Registration has to be done before any solicitations are collected.

If I register as a charity, do I have to renew my registration every year?

Yes. You will have to renew your AL nonprofit registration annually within 90 days of the end of your fiscal year. You will do this by submitting a renewal form along with your organization’s most recently filed IRS form 990.

What does it cost to annually renew my Alabama Charity’s Registration?

$25 a year.

How do I begin the registration process?

You can begin by first downloading and completing the required form. There is a Charitable Organization Statement that must be filled out and sent to the Alabama Attorney General along with five additional documents that are listed within the statement, as well as the fee.

How do I know if my Alabama nonprofit is registered?

As soon as the Alabama Attorney General office receives the form, fee, and any required attached documents, they will contact you with your license information.

What do I do when it comes time to renew my nonprofit as a charity?

You will fill out the Charitable Organization Renewal Statement and send it to the Alabama Attorney General along with the $25 renewal fee and an attached financial statement (either the most recently submitted IRS Form 990 or a written report). Remember, this has to be submitted within 90 days of the close of your nonprofit’s fiscal year.

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What if I decide not to renew as a charity?

There is a Notice of Non-Renewal for Charitable Organizations form that can be filled out and sent to the Alabama Attorney General. It will notify the Consumer Protection Division that you no longer wish to have your nonprofit registered as a charity and will therefore not be renewing your statement.

Send completed forms and additional documents to:

Office of the Alabama Attorney General
Consumer Protection
Attn: Charitable Organization Registration
P.O. Box 300152
Montgomery, AL 36130

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