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How To Register A Nonprofit Charity In Colorado

How To Register Your Nonprofit As A Charity In Colorado

Do I need to register in Colorado as a charitable organization?

Yes. If you solicit contributions in the state of Colorado or have contributions solicited in Colorado on your nonprofit’s behalf you will need to register with the secretary of state.

Do I need to register my CO nonprofit organization online?

Yes. All filings with the Colorado secretary of state are done online.

How do I register as a charitable organization in Colorado?

First you will need to create an account with the secretary of state for your CO nonprofit corporation. This account ties all of your filings together for the state of Colorado. This will all be done on the secretary of state’s website.

My nonprofit doesn’t have any financial numbers yet! What do I do?

The state of Colorado allows you to estimate on this part if you don’t have the exact numbers. Just make sure that you update this information by the fifteenth day of the fifth month after the close of your nonprofit’s fiscal year. You are able to update those numbers by filing an amendment. You can file an amendment by logging into your account and clicking “File a document,” and then by clicking “Amend Registration.”

What are the annual requirements for registering my charity?

You’ll e-file by logging into your account and renewing your registration. According to the CO secretary of state’s website, the annual registration is due at the same time as the IRS Form 990 is due, which for most organizations is the 15th day of the fifth month after your nonprofit’s fiscal year has ended.

How do I contact the Secretary of State?

You can call (303) 894-2200 or contact them at:
Division of Public Charities
Colorado Secretary of State
Business Division
1560 Broadway
Suite 200
Denver, CO 80202-5169
Email: charitable@sos.state.co.us

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