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Register a Foreign Nonprofit in Idaho

To register a foreign nonprofit in the State of Idaho, you must file a Certificate of Authority with the Secretary of State. You can submit this document by mail or online. The Certificate of Authority for an Idaho foreign nonprofit corporation costs $100 to file, plus a $1 fee for debit or credit card processing. Below, we cover the most frequently asked questions about how to file the Certificate of Authority and register a foreign nonprofit in Idaho. Or, you can simply sign up for our Idaho Foreign Nonprofit service, and we’ll take care of your registration ourselves!

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Free Guide to Registering a Foreign Nonprofit in Idaho

How do I register my foreign nonprofit corporation in the state of Idaho?

A foreign corporation can apply for a certificate of authority to transact business in this state by sending in an application to the Secretary of State. A foreign corporation can’t transact business in Idaho until they’ve gotten a certificate of authority from the Idaho secretary of state.

What kind of questions are they going to ask me in my application?

The application you fill out will ask for this information:

  1. The name of the foreign corporation or, if its name is unavailable for use, a corporate name that satisfies the requirements set forth in section 30-3-121 of Idaho code.
  2. The name of the state or country whose law the nonprofit is incorporated.
  3. The date of incorporation and the period of duration of the nonprofit.
  4. The street address of the nonprofit’s principal office.
  5. The name and street address of its registered agent in this state.
  6. The names and usual business or home addresses of the nonprofit’s current directors and officers.
  7. Whether or not the foreign corporation has members.

The foreign corporation will deliver this application to the secretary of state along with a certificate of corporate existence or status, or a similar document.

How much does it cost to send in my application for certificate of authority?

It will cost $100 to submit an online application, plus a $1 fee for debit or credit card processing. You can also pay an additional $20 to expedite your online filing. Idaho charges an additional $20 to process paper filings.

How long does it take for Idaho to process my application for certificate of authority?

Currently, the Idaho Secretary of State is processing foreign registrations in about 10 business days. Expedited filings typically get processed in 1 business day.

Will I need an Idaho Registered Agent for my nonprofit?

Yes, and we can provide that service for you if you register with us.

Do I need a certificate of good standing to operate my nonprofit in Idaho?

Yes. Along with your application you must include a certificate of existence or good standing that has been dated within 90 days of the date you apply.

Do I have to submit an annual report?

The secretary of state for the state of Idaho will send you a reminder post card with instructions on how to file your annual report online or by mail.

Is there a fee for filing my annual report in Idaho?

Nope! The annual reports are free in Idaho.

Where do I send my application for a certificate of authority?

Office of the Secretary of State
450 N 4th Street
PO Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720-0080
Phone: (208)334-2301

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