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Charity Registration For A Non-Profit Organization In Maryland


Do I need to register my non-profit organization in Maryland?

Yes. Before you start soliciting funds in Maryland you will need to register with the secretary of state.

Is it possible to be exempt from having to register?

Certain organizations are exempt from having to register under the Maryland Solicitations Act. Generally, only religious organizations and organizations affiliated with religious organizations, as well as organizations that that solicit contributions only from members are eligible for exemption.

How do I register my non-profit organization in Maryland?

Maryland non-profit will need to answer all of the items on the Registration Statement and include all necessary documents, such as copies of the articles of incorporation and bylaws.

Is there a fee to register?

It depends on how much your MD non-profit receives in contributions per year:

If it is less than $25,000 there is no fee.
If you obtain at least $25,000 but less than $50,001 the fee is $50.
If it is at least $50,001 but less than $75,001 the fee is $75.
If it is at least $75,001 but less than $100,001 the fee is $100.
If it is $100,001 and above the fee will be $200.
If you collect less than $25,000 but have hired a professional solicitor, then the fee will be $50.

What else do I have to include with my Registration Statement?

You will need to include:

  • A current copy of your non-profit organization’s articles of incorporation or other governing documents such as the bylaws.
  • You will also need a copy of your IRS determination letter, and a signed copy of IRS Form 990 or 990EZ. If you are exempt from filing these documents then the secretary of state’s Form COF-85 can be filled out in lieu of these forms.
  • If your non-profit’s charitable contributions are at least $200,000 but less than $500,000, include a financial reviewperformed by an independent certified public accountant. OR if contributions are at least $500,000 an audit performed by an independent certified public accountant can be included.
  • Also include the names and addresses of your board of directors.
  • Include all contracts your non-profit organization might have with professional solicitors or fundraisers.
  • Make sure to include the correct fee in the form of a check or money order. Make out the check to the Secretary of State.

Are there any annual requirements for my Maryland charity?

MD non-profits are asked to file and submit an Annual Update of Registration.

What additional documents should I include with my Annual Update?

The Annual Update of Registration must be submitted with a copy of the charity’s latest IRS form 990, copies of all fundraising agreements with independent contractors and a copy of a financial review if the organization had annual contributions of at least $200,000.

When do I have to update my registration by?

Update it within six months of the end of your organization’s fiscal year.


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