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Register a Foreign Nonprofit in Maryland

To register a foreign nonprofit in the State of Maryland, you must file a Foreign Corporation Qualification with the Charter Division, State Department of Assessment and Taxation. You can submit this document by mail. The Foreign Corporation Qualification for a Maryland foreign nonprofit corporation costs $100 to file. Below, we cover the most frequently asked questions about how to file the Foreign Corporation Qualification and register a foreign nonprofit in Maryland. Or, you can simply sign up for our Maryland Foreign Nonprofit service, and we’ll take care of your registration ourselves!

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Free Guide to Registering a Foreign Nonprofit in Maryland

Will I have to register my foreign nonprofit to transact business in Maryland?

Yes. You will need to fill out forms (listed below), provide written proof of existence from your home state and pay the filing fee.

What forms do I need to fill out?

You will need to fill out a Foreign Corporation Qualification form and a Foreign Corporation Assumed Name form if applicable. You will only need to fill out the Foreign Corporation Assumed Name form if your nonprofit corporation is unable to operate in Maryland because of the name. This could mean that the name is already taken, or doesn’t fit with Maryland name rules. If you do fill out a Foreign Corporation Assumed Name form, it must be attached to the Foreign Corporation Qualification form along with a Letter of Good Standing from your home state of formation. Send forms and fees to:

Charter Division
State Department of Assessment and Taxation
301 West Preston Street, Room 801
Baltimore, MD 21201

What are the fees?

$100 for normal processing (around 4-6 weeks).
$50 additional for expedited online filings (7 days), plus a 3% service/convenience fee for online payments, bringing the total to around $155.

Are there any annual requirements for my foreign nonprofit in Maryland?

You are required to submit a Personal Property Return each year to the Department of Assessments and Taxation.

What is my annual report filing fee?

For foreign non stock corporations in Maryland, there is no fee!

When do I file the Personal Property Return?

At the beginning of the year the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation will mail a Personal Property Return to all active businesses on record to transact business in that state. If for some reason your business does not receive the return by mail, you are still responsible for filing one on time. The due date for the return is April 15 of every year.

Where do I send my return?

You will mail it to:
State of Maryland
Department of Assessments and Taxation
Personal Property Division
P.O. Box 17052
Baltimore, Maryland 21297-1052

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