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Minnesota Charity Registration


Do I need to register my non-profit corporation as a charity in Minnesota?

Yes, if your MN nonprofit corporation plans to seek more than $25,000 in donations each year, or its functions or activities are not performed entirely by volunteers, you will need to register as a charity with the Minnesota Office of the Attorney General.

How do I register my non-profit corporation as a charity in Minnesota?

To register your nonprofit corporation as a charity in Minnesota, you need to file the following with the Minnesota Office of the Attorney General:

  • An Initial Registration Form
  • A copy of your organization’s articles of incorporation.
  • A copy of the most recent Form 990 or a financial statement for the organization’s most recent 12-month-period.
  • A $25 registration fee, which can be paid with a check or money order.

Are there annual requirements for charities in Minnesota?

Each year, a charity in Minnesota must complete and submit the following to the Minnesota Office of the Attorney General:

  • An Attorney General Annual Report form.
  • A financial statement that includes a balance sheet, and an explanation of income and expenses.
  • A copy of the organization’s federal tax filing.
  • If the nonprofit entity’s total annual revenue is greater than $750,000, it must submit an audited financial statement.
  • A $25 registration fee, which can be paid with a check or money order.

These annual reports, along with all attachments, are due by the 15th day of the seventh month after the end of the nonprofit corporation’s fiscal year, typically July 15th.

Does Minnesota accept the Uniform Registration Statement?

Yes, Minnesota does accept the Uniform Registration Statement, but the organization also needs to file the Minnesota Supplement to the Unified Registration Statement, which asks for much of the same information as the initial registration form.

Are there exemptions for charity registration in Minnesota?

If you plan to seek donations of any kind through your MN nonprofit corporation, you will need to register as a charity with the Minnesota Office of the Attorney General, unless your non-profit corporation qualifies as one of the following exemptions:

  • The Minnesota non-profit corporation does not plan to receive charitable contributions for more than $25,00 in any given accounting year, and does not have any paid employees who job duties include solicitation of funds, and none of the nonprofit’s assets or income are paid to any officer.
  • Any religious organization exempt from annual federal tax filings.
  • Any accredited educational institution.
  • Any type of society which limits solicitations of contributions to members. However, people can’t be granted membership upon making a contribution as the result of solicitation.
  • A licensed and bonded auctioneer who is conducting live auctions and has no access to the proceeds of the auction, and it not considered a professional fundraiser.

How long will it take Minnesota to process my charity registration?

Minnesota will process your registration in the order it is received, and once the Minnesota Attorney General’s office, it typically takes 10 to 15 days to be processed.

To register a charity:

Minnesota Attorney General’s Office
1400 Bremer Tower
445 Minnesota Street
St. Paul, MN 55101
Phone: (800) 657-3787
Website: Minnesota Attorney General Charity/Non-Profit Website

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