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Charitable Registration For Mississippi Non-Profits


How do I know if I am required to register my MS non-profit as a charity?

Any organization which solicits contributions and donations from the public that will be used for charitable purposes needs to register as a charity in the state of Mississippi.

Is any organization considered exempt?

If you think that your MS non-profit falls into one of these categories, you can file for exemption with the Securities and Charities Division of the Secretary of State’s Office by filing the Notice of Exemption for Charitable Organizations form:

  • Accredited educational institutions and any associated foundations.
  • Fraternal, patriotic, social, educational, alumni organizations and historical societies who only use their memberships to solicit contributions.
  • Those who are soliciting contributions for specified individuals in need, if the solicitations are made only by unpaid workers.
  • Organizations which do not intend to solicit or receive and don’t receive more than $25,000 annually in contributions.
  • Organizations which receive distributions from registered united funds or community chests and receive less than $25,000 from other sources.
  • All volunteer fire departments and rescue units which are chartered as nonprofit organizations in Mississippi.
  • Humane societies that contract with counties or municipalities for the care and keeping of stray animals.

How do I register my MS non-profit as a charity?

You will need to file a Unified Registration Statement. You will also then need to file an Annual Financial Statement Report Form for your non-profit’s most recently completed fiscal year. There are no extensions for late filing!

Is there a filing fee?

Yes. There is a $50 filing fee.

When am I supposed to register my MS non-profit by?

You are required to register prior to collecting any solicitations.

Where do I mail forms to?

You will send them to: Mississippi Secretary of State’s Office Charities Registration Post Office Box 136 Jackson, Mississippi 39205-0136

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