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Nonprofit Charity Registration In Nevada

Guidelines for Registering a Charity in Nevada

How Do I Register My Nevada Charity?

If your nonprofit solicits (or intends to solicit) charitable contributions in Nevada, you’ll likely need to register as a charity with the Nevada Secretary of State, even if your nonprofit doesn’t consistently behave like a charitable organization.

Registration involves submitting a Charitable Solicitation Registration Statement with your nonprofit’s initial list, which you can do online at the Nevada Secretary of State’s website, and then submitting a Charitable Solicitation Registration Statement each year with your Nevada nonprofit’s annual list. There are no filing fees to register your Nevada charity or to renew your registration each year.

The Charitable Solicitation Registration Statement requires basic information about your nonprofit (name, address, EIN, etc.) and financial information from IRS Form 990, including your organization’s total revenue, expenses, and total assets (among other details).

Are Some Charities Exempt From Registering?

Yes. Some charities are exempt from filing the Charitable Solicitation Registration Statement (which requires financial information), but these exempt organizations still file an Exemption from Charitable Solicitation Registration Statement with the Nevada Secretary of State with their initial and annual lists.

Exempt organizations include:

  • Organizations that solicit annual contributions from fewer than 15 persons.
  • Organizations that only solicit contributions from close blood relatives or relatives by marriage of their officers, directors, trustees, or other executive personnel.
  • Organizations recognized by the IRS as churches under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • Organizations that solicit contributions solely to benefit a particular person or that person’s immediate family, so long as all contributions are given to (or directly benefit) the person or family in question.
  • Alumni associations from accredited institutions that only solicit contributions from affiliated individuals (faculty, current or former students, etc.).

What Is the Nevada Annual List?

Nevada requires pretty much all nonprofits, including charities, to submit an initial list of officers upon incorporating and an annual list of officers each year after (these are basically the equivalent of other states’ annual reports). If your nonprofit is a charity, your registration statement or exemption statement should get submitted with your initial list when you first incorporate and then with your annual lists each year after that. Learn more at Northwest’s guide to Nevada Annual Report Compliance.

Where Do I File?

Secretary of State
202 North Carson Street
Carson City, Nevada 89701-4201

(775) 684-5708

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