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Pennsylvania Charity Registration


Do I have to register my non profit as a charity in Pennsylvania?

Yes. Charities that take contributions in Pennsylvania will need to register with the Bureau of Charitable Organizations and the PA Department of State. Charities may begin solicitations in PA, but within 30 days of receiving more than $25,000 in gross national contributions, file a BCO-10 registration statement. Certain types of organizations will be exempt from registering with the Bureau. The list of exempt organizations is in the application packet found on the Bureau’s website or in your client account if you hire “Northwest.”

How do I register my non profit with the Pennsylvania Bureau of Charities?

File the Charitable Organization Registration Statement-Form BCO-10 by mailing the completed form to the Bureau along with the registration fee. Include copies of your articles of incorporation, your nonprofit bylaws, and an IRS exemption letter if you received one. A 501c status is not required to register as a charity. Download the entire registration packet because you will need the instructions included inside of the packet.

Are there annual renewal requirements for Pennsylvania charities?

Yes the renewing charity files the same BCO-10 registration form with the IRS form 990 and the Pennsylvania Public Disclosure Form BCO-23 with the renewal fee. Form BCO-23 is included in the registration packet. The renewal registration is due 315 days after the close of the fiscal year.

If the Charity has applied for and been granted a Pennsylvania sales tax exemption, it must be renewed every five years. This process is with the PA Department of Revenue and the application is in your online account if “Northwest” is your CROP.

What is the cost of PA Charity registration and renewal?

Most initial charity registrations in Pennsylvania pay a $15 fee, unless they have been operating in other states already. Pennsylvania’s registration and renewal fees are based on a charity’s gross contributions; this refers to total national contributions received from all sources, not just from fundraising in Pennsylvania.

Here is the breakdown for registration and renewal fees in Pennsylvania:

  • Gross Contributions – $0 to $25,000: $15 fee.
  • Gross Contributions – $25,001 to $99,999: $100 fee.
  • Gross Contributions – $100,000 to $500,000: $150 fee.
  • Gross Contributions over $500,000: $250 fee.

How long does it take to process my Pennsylvania charity registration?

The department will examine the registration statement and attachments and determine if the Pennsylvania non-profit meets the registration requirements within ten working days. They will send you an approval or rejection.

Non-profit Registration Resources:

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Bureau of Charitable Organizations
207 North Office Building
Harrisburg, PA 17120
Phone: (717) 783-1720
Fax: (717) 783-6014
Email: ST-CHARITY@pa.gov

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