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Registered Agent Market Share


We have taken the overall number of entities listing registered agent companies from the following states:

South Dakota, Alaska, Missouri, and Arkansas. All data is direct from the states’ Secretary of State and Corporations Division websites. This main graph averages the total number of filings in each of those four states, not an average of all 51 states. We feel this graph accurately captures overall market share for national registered agent service providers. We specifically did not factor in Delaware, New York, Florida, Texas, Nevada, California, or Washington because those states are states where national registered agent service companies are headquartered. We also did not use states like Wyoming or Montana where people form holding companies. We estimate this graph to be accurate within a margin of error of 2% either way.

Registered Agent Business Entities
CT Corporation System 94139
National Registered Agents Inc (CT) 18525
BizFilings (CT) 3513
Corporation Service Company (CSC) 36421
The Prentice Hall Corporation System (CSC) 7083
United States Corporation Company (CSC) 2124
Lexisnexis (CSC) 195
LegalZoom 7708
Incorp Services Inc 7611
National Corporate Research 3807
Registered Agent Solutions 2362
Corporate Creations Network 1909
Capitol Corporate Services 1840
Northwest Registered Agent 1400
Pacific Registered Agents Inc 1046
Registered Agents Inc 846
Paracorp Incorporated 762
United Corporate Services 552
Incorporating Services Ltd 310
Corporate Filing Solutions 302
Vcorp Services LLC 165
HIQ Corporate Services 74
The Registered Agent Company 70


The data for the following graphs was taken from the Division of Corporations Websites June 1st, 2014. These are ALL time numbers, meaning numbers regardless of whether the entities listing these registered agent companies are active or nonactive. We chose to present all time numbers because the companies listing these registered agents might still be a client of the registered agent company regardless of their corporate entity status at the state level.

Alaska Registered Agent Service Provider Market Share

Registered Agent Business Entities
CT Corporation System 4882
National Registered Agents Inc (CT) 1554
BizFilings (CT) 334
Corporation Service Company (CSC) 3297
The Prentice Hall Corporation System (CSC) 241
United States Corporation Company (CSC) 15
Lexisnexis (CSC) 10
National Corporate Research 928
Incorp Services Inc 854
Legalzoom 618
Registered Agent Solutions 393
Northwest Registered Agent 262
Corporate Creations Network 239
Incorporating Services Ltd 135
Capitol Corporate Services 123
Registered Agents Inc 120
Paracorp Incorporated 108
United Corporate Services 36
Corporate Filing Solutions 12
Vcorp Services LLC 12
The Registered Agent Company 6

Arkansas Registered Agent Service Provider Market Share

Registered Agent Business Entities
CT Corporation System 29947
National Registered Agents Inc (CT) 3947
BizFilings (CT) 901
Corporation Service Company (CSC) 11527
The Prentice Hall Corporation System (CSC) 1184
United States Corporation Company (CSC) 359
Lexisnexis (CSC) 103
Legalzoom 1683
Incorp Services Inc 1629
National Corporate Research 1033
Capitol Corporate Services 824
Registered Agent Solutions 655
Pacific Registered Agents 574
Corporate Creations Network 571
Quest Research 509
Northwest Registered Agent 249
Paracorp Incorporated 184
American Corporate Services Inc 132
Registered Agents Inc 87
Arkansas Corporation Services Inc 87
Incorporating Services Ltd 61
The Registered Agent Company 51
Corporate Filing Solutions 11
HIQ Corporate Services 8
United Corporate Services Of Akansas 5
Vcorp Services LLC 1

Missouri Registered Agent Service Provider Market Share


Registered Agent Business Entities
CT Corporation System 45676
National Registered Agents Inc (CT) 9690
BizFilings (CT) 1748
Corporation Service Company (CSC) 15801
The Prentice Hall Corporation System (CSC) 4745
United States Corporation Company (CSC) 1591
Lexisnexis (CSC) 82
Legalzoom 4804
Incorp Services Inc 3780
National Corporate Research 1361
Registered Agent Solutions 983
Corporate Creations Network 781
Northwest Registered Agent 670
Capitol Corporate Services 608
Registered Agents Inc 521
United Corporate Services 385
Paracorp Incorporated 323
Corporate Filing Solutions 279
Vcorp Services LLC 116
Incorporating Services Ltd 114
Pacific Registered Agents Inc 113
Campbell Registered Agent Services 106
Hubco Registered Agent Services Inc 70
HIQ Corporate Services 66
MGPC Registered Agent Services Inc 41
The Registered Agent Company 13

South Dakota Registered Agent Service Provider Market Share

Registered Agent Business Entities
CT Corporation System 13634
National Registered Agents Inc (CT) 3334
BizFilings (CT) 530
Corporation Service Company (CSC) 5796
The Prentice Hall Corporation System (CSC) 913
United States Corporation Company (CSC) 159
Incorp Services Inc 1348
LegalZoom 603
Person Enterprises 516
National Corporate Research 485
Dakota Agent Services 430
Pacific Registered Agents 359
Registered Agent Solutions 331
Corporate Creations Network 318
Capitol Corporate Services 285
Northwest Registered Agent 219
Paracorp Incorporated 147
United Corporate Services of SD 126
Registered Agents Inc 118
South Dakota Registered Agents 64
Gunderson Palmer Registered Agents 43
Vcorp Services LLC 36


Below, you’ll find new filing data. This is information was taken from the listed state agencies showing the registered agent appointments during a specific time period. This information WAS NOT used to calculate the lifetime marketshare graphs above.

These graphs are meant to show current trends in registered agent market share.


Delaware Registered Agent Service Provider Market Share

Registered Agent Business Entities
The Corporation Trust Company (CT) 3309
National Registered Agents, Inc. (CT) 1240
BizFilings (CT) 245
Corporation Service Company (CSC) 2964
The Company Corporation (CSC) 717
Harvard Business Services, Inc. 905
United States Corporation Agents, Inc. 575
National Corporate Research, Ltd. 502
Incorp Services, Inc. 322
Capitol Services, Inc. 214
A Registered Agent, Inc. 195
Agents And Corporations, Inc. 250
Vcorp Services, LLC 213
Incorporating Services, Ltd. 207
Paracorp Incorporated 198
United Corporate Services, Inc. 173
Registered Agent Solutions, Inc. 142
Legalinc Corporate Services Inc. 115
Corporate Creations Network Inc. 53
Delaware Registry, Ltd. 55
Corporations Usa, LLC 52
Delaware Intercorp, Inc. 59
Blumbergexcelsior Corporate Services, Inc. 54
American Incorporators Ltd. 55
Corporations & Companies, Inc. 16
Yacht Registry, Ltd. 22
Worldwide Incorporators Ltd. 17
Allstate Corporate Services Corp. 39
Registered Agents Legal Services, LLC 39
Delaware Business Incorporators, Inc. 36
Trac-The Registered Agent Company 29
Delaware Corporate Services Inc. 18
Delaware Corporations LLC 18
Eresidentagent, Inc. 30
Rl&F Service Corp. 15
The First State Registered Agent Company 21
Registered Office Service Company 32
Stellar Corporate Services LLC 9
Gkl Registered Agents, Inc. 37
Inc. Plan (USA) 29
Resident Agents Inc. 17
Intertrust Corporate Services Delaware Ltd. 19
Phs Corporate Services, Inc. 33
Maples Fiduciary Services (Delaware) Inc. 9
Interstate Agent Services, LLC 20
Apex Resident Agent Services LLC 11
Corp1, Inc. 24
Valis Group Inc. 19
Northwest Registered Agent Service, Inc. 23
N/K Incorporating Services, Inc. 16
Advantage Delaware, LLC 11
Delaware Corporation Organizers, Inc. 10
Corporate Systems Inc. 14
Wilmington Trust, National Association 23
Agents For Delanare Corporations, Inc. 11
Corpomax Inc. 13
Delaware Entity Services LLC 13
Wilmington Trust Company 13
Delaware Corporate Agents, Inc. 10
Usa Corporate Services Inc. 8
Corporate Consulting Ltd. 4
Ata Corporate Services, LLC 6
Ycs&T Services LLC 8
Global Corporate Services, Inc. 8
Colby Attorneys Service Co., Inc. 7
Ccs Global Solutions, Inc. 12
Corp2000 6
Wilmington Trust Sp Services, Inc. 0
Americhoice Incorporators Ltd. 6
The Incorporating Company LLC 8
The Incorporators Ltd. 6
Corporation Guarantee And Trust Company 5
Offshore Incorporations (Delaware) Limited 4
Incyourbiz Corp. 4
Delaware Registered Agents And Incorporators, L.L.C. 0
Capitol Corporate Services, Inc. 2
Exeter Exchange Management Corporation 1
MCL Corporate Services, Inc. 0
Corpdirect Agents, Inc. 3
Corporate Service Bureau Inc. 11
National Corporate Services, Inc. 3
BH Registered Agents, LLC 9
First Corporate Solutions, Inc. 0
Diversified Corporate Services Int’L, Inc. 3
Registered Agents, Ltd. 2
Corpamerica, Inc. 1
A-1 Incorporators LLC 4
Capital Services Group, LLC 4
Eastern Agent Services, LLC 3
Dover Delaware Incorporators, LLC 2
The Delaware Corporation Agency, Inc. 6
Acme Filings Corp. 5
Corporate Filing Solutions, LLC 1
Sundoc Filings 4
Businessrocket.Net, Inc. 5
Gb Registered Agents, Inc. 1
Incfile.Com LLC 0
Actual data provided by Delaware Corporations Division for July 2014
View monthly market share charts for Delaware specifically

Idaho Registered Agent Service Provider Market Share

Registered Agent Business Entities
CT Corporation System 54
National Registered Agents Inc. (CT) 20
BizFilings (CT) 10
Corporation Service Company (CSC) 48
LegalZoom 38
Northwest Registered Agent LLC 14
All Day $49 Idaho Registered Agent LLC 12
Incorp Services Inc 8
Blake’s Registered Agent LLC 4
Capitol Corporate Services Inc 2
Corporate Creations Network Inc 2
Paracorp Incorporated 2
Record Search America Inc 2
Registered Agent Solutions Inc 2
National Corporate Research Ltd 2
Pacific Registered Agents Inc 2

Actual data provided by Idaho Secretary of State for February 2014

South Dakota Registered Agent Market Share Gains

Registered Agent Business Entities
CT Corporation System 52
National Registered Agents, Inc. (CT) 19
BizFilings (CT) 2
Corporation Service Company (CSC) 35
LegalZoom 25
Incorp Services, Inc. 22
Dakota Agent Services, LLC 14
Northwest Registered Agent, LLC 6
Capitol Corporate Services, Inc. 6
Registered Agents Inc 5
National Corporate Research, Ltd. 4
Registered Agent Solutions, Inc. 4
Legalinc Corporate Services Inc. 3
Person Enterprises, LLC 3
Corporate Creations Network Inc. 3
Paracorp Incorporated 3
South Dakota Trust Company LLC 2
Gunderson Palmer Registered Agents, LLC 1
Vcorp Services, LLC 1
Incorporating Services, Ltd. 1
Actual data provided by South Dakota Secretary of State for February 2014

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