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How To Reinstate An Arkansas LLC


Revive Or Reinstate An Arkansas Limited Liability Company

There is no Arkansas LLC reinstatement form to file with the Secretary of State, Business and Commercial Services (BCS). You just have to file all your delinquent franchise tax reports, penalties and fees.  You can pay your franchise tax report on the BCS website at any time. You will also need to get a certificate of good standing from the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration (DFA).

Submit any delinquent franchise tax reports and a check for fees to BCS. Fees include the filing fee as well as the franchise tax for the current year. If you include a check for fees, it should be payable to Arkansas Secretary of State.

To contact the Arkansas SOS:

Arkansas Secretary of State Business and Commercial Services
Mailing address: State Capitol Little Rock, AR 72201-1094
Physical address: Victory Building 1401 West Capital Ave., Ste. 250 Little Rock, AR 72201
Phone: 501-682-3409

How do you get a tax clearance letter in Arkansas?

To get a tax clearance certificate for reinstatement, you need to get an Authorization for Release of Tax Information form from the Department of Finance and Administration. This form is basically a request to have the DFA release your tax information to the BCS. Call the DFA at (501) 682-7200 or visit the DFA website (see link below) to request or print your authorization form.

Once you have the authorization form, fill it out and submit it to the DFA. They will need an original signature so you have two options for submitting it.

  1. One option is to just mail the signed form and DFA will process it when they receive it. DFA will send the certificate of tax standing to BCS.
  2. The other option is to fax and mail the completed authorization form. If you choose this option, the DFA will start working to verify your tax status immediately when they receive the faxed form.  You have to mail in a signed form at the same time because they won’t actually release your tax status to BCS until they receive that signature. This is great option when you are in a hurry. The DFA will issue a certificate of tax standing directly to BCS when they receive the signed form in the mail.

Department of Finance and Administration contact info:

Excise Tax Administration
Room 2420, Ledbetter Building
PO Box 8054
Little Rock, AR 72203-8054
Phone: (501) 682-7200
Fax: (501) 682-7900

How much will it cost to revive an Arkansas LLC?

There is no filing fee to reinstate your Arkansas LLC. You just have to pay your past due franchise tax fees and penalties.

If you do not file your franchise tax report and fees, there is a $25.00 penalty fee. The secretary of state will charge 10% interest per year on the tax and penalty from the due date until it is paid. The total tax, penalty, and interest for any one year will not be more than twice the tax owed by the corporation.

How long does it take the state to process the filing?

Arkansas BCS will process the LLC reinstatement within two business days.
If you walk your documents into the office, BCS will process them while you wait.
After they receive your authorization for release form, it usually takes the DFA about 48 hours to release a determination of your tax status to the BCS.

How long does your Arkansas LLC have to be inactive with the state before you wouldn’t have any fees, and would just have to start over with a new Arkansas LLC?

Arkansas is different from a lot of states because you can’t just abandon an administratively dissolved business and start over with a new one. BCS will want to collect any past due fees and penalties from the last three years before they let you file anything.

  • Limited liability companies that have past due franchise taxes from the last three years are not allowed to file any forms or documents related to that LLC with the BCS.
  • Additionally, anyone who is substantially connected to a business that owes past due franchise taxes from the previous three years may not file with the BCS to create a new business entity in Arkansas. So anyone associated with the LLC would have to pay the fees before they would be allowed to start a new business.

Can you change your Arkansas registered agent and other information when you reinstate your Arkansas LLC?

There is no form for reinstating an LLC or corporation in Arkansas. You just have to file all your delinquent reports and pay the fees. Find out more about changing your Arkansas registered agent!

How many annual reports can you miss before you can’t revive your Arkansas LLC?

There is no limit to reinstatement in Arkansas, so you can reinstate your LLC at any time. But fees and penalties do continue to accumulate while you are revoked.

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