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Growth, Fun, Hard Work & Reward. That’s working at Northwest.

Thinking of working at Northwest? Thinking of hiring Northwest? Well, here’s our Corporate Guides and what we’re working on!

Growth Mindset:

Northwest is a relentless growth minded company. Not growth in revenue, but a continual pursuit of being better. We’ve never had a meeting about growing revenue, but we do have meetings about how to continually learn from our mistakes and raise the bar. If you’d like to work here, you need to be ok with accepting your shortcomings and our companies shortcomings, not pointing fingers, and persistently attempting to improve.

Solving Problems:

We fancy ourselves a problem solving company. Employees have a problem: They need money to live and support themselves. They’d like to have a good place to work, heck, maybe even love or like to work! But at a minimum, we try to provide a work environment that doesn’t suck, isn’t hostile, appreciates differences of opinion, and a job that no one dreads coming into.
Clients have a problem: They need something that our services provides. No one wants to give a company some money and not have their problem go away. We relentlessly attempt to solve the clients problem in the most efficient and painless way for the client.

Why we’re Corporate Guides:

We’d like to be more than just someone answering your questions about where your mail and documents are. There’s a reason most bathrooms and kitchens have crappy tile jobs. It’s supposedly the easiest thing you could remodel yourself and save money by not hiring a contractor for. Yes, you could do a lot of what we offer yourselves, but you don’t do this every day. We do! You could easily go fishing by yourself and you may or may not catch a fish, but if you pay a local fishing guide a few hundred bucks for the day, the odds are you’re day will be better. Yes, you could hike Mt Rainier yourself, but wouldn’t you feel better hiring a guide? We exist to make the process as perfect as we can make it for you.

Big Fancy Titles and Linkedin ladder climbing:

Look, life’s way too short. We like to work and go home and do us. We take taking care of the clients seriously, but if you need a really big title, a proper head shot bio, and a really awesome role to put on Linkedin; working at Northwest probably isn’t for you. We’re a full blown horizontal organization. We practice consensus based decision making. You pretty much report to you, but have more senior people who can help provide guidance and write you up, if you’re being a problem, but for the most part, you’re given the freedom to operate your day in a way that feels natural to you. You’re important. You can make decisions here. You do you here. If we like you enough to hire you, we want you to do things how you’d want them done. We have a lot of great titles here and you can make up your own when you come here as well. Call yourself whatever you want! Just help your fellow employees, the clients, and the company get stuff done.


Meet our Corporate Guides and how they’re trying to grow

Client Interpretational Clarity & Analysis Translation Division

Moose Picture


Process Server Screening Manager

Fun Goals:

  • Bite any kids trying to pick me up
  • Poop in as many obnoxious places as possible

Personal Goals:

  • Catch a grouse or quail
  • Walk in a straight line

Work Goals:

  • Pee on every competitors office. Many pics available upon request.
  • Be more polite to process servers
  • Improve food begging skills from newbies
Jon Picture


Chief Feelings Coordinating Officer

Fun Goals:

  • Visit every MLB ballpark
  • Live vicariously through my children

Personal Goals:

  • Focus on experiences, not stuff
  • Golf more

Work Goals:

  • Increase empathy
  • Problem solving sensei
  • Be so good, we always work less than 40 hours a week
Gilly Picture


Free Non Legal Help Advisor

Fun Goals:
  • Spend more time outside
  • Visit the Wizarding Wordld of Harry Potter

Personal goals:

  • Read more books!
  • Buy a house

Work goals:

  • Focus more on the big picture
  • Remember everyone’s names when I visit the home office
Jerry Picture


Chief Shredder Mechanic Millwright

Fun Goals:
  • Play more golf
  • Take granddaughters fishing
Personal Goals:
  • Become a ‘Knock em dead’ rock n roll ukuleleist
  • Be happy with bogie ball scores on the golf course
Work goals:
  • Set daily priorities, and stick to them
  • Remain undefeated on the giant chess board
Jennifer Picture


Manager Of The Office Redundant Redundancies Procedures

Fun goals:


  • Be in a parade
  • Learn to make a paper airplane that actually flies

Personal goals:

  • Not to stress the small stuff
  • Exercise more (by that I mean actually exercise)

Work goals:


  • More patience
  • Make better snacks for Snack Wednesday
  • Keep up on all of the scanned receipts
Matt Picture


Document Filer Coordinator Engineer Of State Bureaucracy Coordinations

Fun Goals:
  • Move to Nashville and become a country music star
  • Go to every U.S. National Park
Personal Goals:
  • Get out more with my dogs
  • Ski more during the winter
Work Goals:
  • Put myself in the client’s shoes more
  • Give more cleaning citations
Drake Picture


Chief Legal Mess Procurement and Developmental Procedural Captain Navigator

Fun Goals:

  • Get haircuts on a regular basis
  • Learn why I have 3 guns all jammed with bullets

Personal Goals:

  • Shoot par on 18 holes of golf
  • Make consistent amazing popcorn

Work Goals:

  • Be more positive
  • Send more professional emails
  • Stay more focused
Mel Picture


Psychotherapist of Office Interpersonality Compatibility Analyst.

Fun Goals:

  • Attend Aliencon before I’m abducted
  • Hike every trail in Glacier National Park

Personal Goals:

  • Slow Down; stop driving 95 everywhere I go
  • Keep my kitty cat limit to single digits

Work Goals:

  • Better communicate with the humans I work with
  • Expand my level of competence
  • Be a better multitasker
Shawndale Picture


Spunky Semi-Cyborg Document Magician

Fun Goals:

  • Finish Addison’s princess bedroom in our basement
  • Spend more time playing outside with the kids
  • Fix up our backyard to be a relaxing retreat

Personal Goals:

  • Become healthier to keep up with my kids.
  • Get and keep my garage organized
  • Spend more time focusing on my family than on my phone and/or other electronics

Work Goals:

  • Get more organized
  • Better time management on projects
John Picture

Fun Goals:

  • Add some glam to my Myspace page
  • Travel more, not just to the nearest restaurant.

Personal Goals:

  • Procrastinate less, but I’ll start tomorrow.
  • Run a marathon, so that I can talk about it every 15 seconds.

Work Goals:

  • Sigh less.
  • Reduce the amount of unread emails.
  • Get a promotion.
Jim Picture

Fun Goals:

  • Pay less

Personal Goals:

  • Cut costs

Work Goals:

  • Give Matt less grief :)
Jordan Picture

Fun Goals: 

  • Learn a new trick on my skateboard
  • Take a watercolor class
  • Finally learn how to use my camera
Personal Goals:
  • Go back to school
  • Be more present when I am spending time with my loved ones
  • Eat more kale
Work Goals:
  • Patience….
  • Be more efficient
  • Clean off my desk more than once a year
Megs Picture

Fun goals:

  • Get my cat to stop sleeping in my sock basket
  • Perfect juggling random objects

Personal goals:

  • Bust out some pull ups
  • Fix up my old house without loosing any fingers

Work goals:

  • Work more efficiently
  • Organize EVERYTHING
Kim Picture

Fun Goals:

  • Eat at every Thai restaurant in town… and all neighboring towns
  • Get moving on building my house

Personal Goals:

  • Listen to the 48 unheard voicemails on my phone
  • Be more present

Work Goals:

  • Organize my work space / less snacks stacking my desk
  • Get through the bounced back mail by the end of summer
  • Stay positive, complaining does not change anything for the better
Lara Picture

Fun goals:
  • Disrupt the patriarchy in a chaotic-good way
  • Go to more concerts/shows
  • Take over the world with my podcast
Personal goals:
  • Eat every chicken and waffle dish in eastern Washington
  • Drink more water
Work goals:
  • Learn to code
  • Find ways to make tasks more efficient/less room for errors
Andria Picture

Fun Goals:

  • Spend as much time as possible on our boat.
  • Complete the yard work to make the perfect retreat

Personal Goals:

  • Keep the house organized, instead of looking like a tornado went through right after it was clean.
  • Work out a minimum of two times a week

Work Goals:

  • Organize and Prioritize
  • Stay positive
Brett Picture

Fun Goals:

  • Go to Coachella
  • Ride a bull

Personal Goals:

  • Get my body in pool party shape
  • Drink more fine wine

Work Goals:

  • Utilize sticky notes more efficiently
  • Do more no look high fives with colleagues
  • Have better posture while responding to emails
Colleen Picture

Fun Goals:

  • Pet ALL the dogs.
  • Create my backyard oasis.

Personal Goals:

  • Shop less… (ha!)
  • Volunteer more with Animal Sanctuary-because bottle feeding baby cows- duh.

Work Goals:

  • Do not ask co-workers, who are you? Do you even work here?!
  • Wear less yoga pants… (to work)
  • Attempt to be on time, maybe once a week. “attempt…”
Kevin Picture



Fun Goals:

  • Kill a bear and eat it.
  • Witness Aurora Borealis up close.

Personal Goals:

  • Finish my first 1/2K run without throwing up.
  • Become a better listener.

Work Goals:

  • Read the website.
  • Get to know more of my co-workers.
Eryk Picture


Certified Parking Expert and Dragon Slayer

Fun goals:
  • Someday figure out why lines even exist in parking lots…
  • Put together a corporate Dungeons & Dragons team.
Personal Goals:
  • Wear flip-flops until December.
  • Start wearing flip-flops again in late-ish February
Work Goals:
  • Refresh my browser page more often.
  • Test software deployments 200 times instead of just 100.
  • Find ways to make Jon and Nicole’s life easier.
Nicole Picture

Fun Goals:
  • Visit Scotland
  • Finish my wine cellar
Personal Goals:
  • Organize my basement
  • Stop cussing so much

Work Goals:

  • Respond to emails quicker
  • Celebrate team achievements
Stacey Picture

Fun Goals:
  • Backpack in Brazil
  • Grow a vegetable garden, with NO weeds
Personal Goals:
  • Read 10 pages a day
  • Build a wood dining table for our house
  • Speak fluent Spanish with my in-laws
Work Goals:
  • Motivate and recognize accounting successes and accomplishments
  • Do the things in real time (less procrastinating)
  • Win the Snack Friday award for best snacks
Megan Picture

Fun Goals:
  • Teach my chickens to play the xylophone
  • Grow the biggest beefsteak tomato in the Inland Northwest

Personal Goals:

  • Spend more time outside and active
  • Be in the moment with my family instead of with our electronic devices
Work Goals:
  • Sort the 4530 messages in my inbox
  • Or not, it’s worked so far…

Client Incognative Cerebral Logistics & Physical Threnchment Division

Mikhail Picture


Secret Manipulation & Infiltration Computer Specialist

Matt Picture


Historical Ronin of Intellectual Interoffice Challenges & Table Tennis Warrior

Fun Goals:

  • Snowboard in Japan
  • Fix up the crappy house I bought

Personal Goals:

  • Lose 20 lbs so I can run and skin up mountains faster
  • Stop looking at my phone so often when I’m home

Work Goals:

  • Get more organized
  • Better acknowledge goals we accomplish as a team
  • Get better at setting and attaining priorities
Stan Picture


Eye Doctor

Stan is the eye of the office. He see’s things from a different side of sanity. We could never reach our full potential without Stan’s take and guidance of our company’s eyes.

Tin Picture

Hall of Fame

Eric Picture


Structural Post Holder And Integrity Analyst Of The Posts Integrity Analyst

Eric was instrumental in bring Northwest into the 2000’s of technology… In 2015… Eric spearheaded hiring some of the insanely talented engineers we still employee as well as helping us understand how bad we were sucking at software, networking, and our systems in general. Today, we have some of the best tech talent in Spokane; and we wouldn’t be here without Eric driving us there.

Cody Picture


Journeyman Light Switch Operator

Cody was instrumental in bringing our systems and networking up to 2000 era standards…. In 2015… As anyone charged with updating an entire companies tech ecosystem knows, it’s a crazy hard battle. He tirelessly fought through updating, replacing, and building the concepts that our company has today. Cody was faced with endless deer in the headlight looks of stakeholders saying, you want how much money to do what?? Today where we operate tech wise wouldn’t have happened without Cody mowing down the forest a little and paving a way forward.

Cierra Picture


Early Morning Chair Duster

Cierra helped Northwest expand during some of it’s most explosive growth.

Lucas Picture


Certified Receivables and Sketch-ball Client Detective

Lucas helped solve problems. Lucas could figure out a way to get anything done.

Tina Picture


Harmonious Telecommunicator of Uncommunicable Scenario-Driven Uncatastrophic, we’ll-get-through-this Corporate Catastrophes

Tina was an incredibly talented hard working asset to Northwest.

Mason Picture


Desk Holder

When Mason wasn’t sleeping at his desk, he had some of the most amazing customer interactions with clients and helped us understand the art that could be of talking to clients.

Emily Picture


Foreign Agency Interpretation Co-coordinator of Un-interpretable Nonsense

Emily helped pioneer our worthless social media experiments.

Geoff Picture


Helicopter Thief

Geoff brought Northwest to an entirely different level of style and coding. Geoff was a massive part of building the foundations we run on today. Geoff is a unique breed of employee who almost always beats estimated time needed to get a job done.

Levi Picture

Levi was our first help desk employee and many in our company would say one of the most incredibly life changing helpful people we’ve ever employed. Incredible attitude and an awesome ability to glue IT to non IT employees.

Janice Picture

Janice was the person who could take the hardest, most difficult clients problems and solve them.

Lisa Picture

Our software and the tools we provide our clients would not be where they are today without Lisa tirelessly navigating software, legal forms, weird rules and lingo.

Tyler Picture

Some of the most brilliant words ever written on a website came from this snazzy hipster.

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