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Corporate Book & Seal

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You can purchase our high quality corporate books, embossing seal, and other corporate supplies when you hire Northwest to form your business. Simply go to “Optional Items” on the sign up form, choose “Corporate Supplies,” and select the packages or items you need. Our corporate books and corporate kits come in two forms: a 2-inch traditional binder and slipcase for $80, and our convenient GoBook—a portable 1/2-inch zip-binder for those entrepreneurs who are always on the go.

Corporate Books

Our corporate books are made of the highest quality synthetic black leather for a smooth, professional look.

  • LLC or Corporate Kit
  • Store Corporate Documents
  • Traditional Binder: $80
  • GoBook: $40

Corporate Seal

Our corporate seal is of the highest quality, engraved with your company name for easy embossing and stamping.

  • Highest Quality
  • Laser Engraved
  • Customized to Your Business
  • Only $30

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Starting a new corporation or LLC? Get all the corporate supplies you need when you hire Northwest.

Our Corporation Books Include:

  • A choice between the GoBook and our traditional corporate binder
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Corporate bylaws
  • Shareholder meeting minutes
  • Annual shareholder meeting notice
  • Waiver of initial shareholder meeting
  • Corporate resolutions
  • 20 printed stock certificates w/ full page stubs
  • Stock transfer ledger
  • Corporate tax forms (for EIN & S-Corp)

Our LLC Books Include:

  • A choice between the GoBook and our traditional binder
  • Certificate of formation
  • LLC operating agreement
  • Initial resolutions
  • 20 custom membership interest certificates
  • Initial and annual meeting minutes
  • Membership transfer ledgers
  • Minutes of initial member meeting
  • Minutes of annual meetings
  • Waiver of initial meeting

Corporate Supplies Pricing:*

  • Traditional binder/slipcase: $80
  • Traditional binder/slipcase & embossing seal: $100
  • GoBook: $40
  • GoBook & embossing seal: $70
  • Embossing seal only: $30
  • Notary stamp: $35
  • 10 Share Certificates: $15

*Add $150 for overseas shipping.

When You Want More