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Hawaii Department Of Revenue, Hawaii Tax

Hawaii Business Corporate Tax, Hawaii Personal Income Tax, Hawaii Sales Tax Rates

What are the Hawaii corporate net income tax rates?

0-25,000 4.4%
25,000-100,000 5.4%
100,000 + 6.4%

What are the Hawaii personal net income tax rates?

0-2,400 1.4%
2,400-4,800 3.2%
4,800-9,600 5.5%
9,600-14,400 6.4%
14,400-19,200 6.8%
19,200-24,000 7.2%
24,000-36,000 7.6%
36,000-48,000 7.9%
48,000-150,000 8.25%
150,000-175,000 9%
175,000-200,000 10%
200,000 + 11%

What is the average Hawaii sales tax rate?


The state actually has no sales tax, but charges businesses a 4% excise tax, which is basically the same thing as a sales tax. The business actually has the choice of collecting it from customer if they choose. If the business messes it up, they still have to pay the excise tax on the income received. The average local tax is 4-5% making a total of 8-9% “Sales” tax on anything you buy in the islands. There are also tons of hospitality type taxes on tourism, as this is the main part of Hawaii economy.

Are there standard deductions?

Single:  $2,000
Joint:  $4,000

Are there personal exemptions?

Single:  $1040
Dependents:  $1040

What forms do you file for your Hawaii taxes?

Hawaii corporations: Form N-30
S corporations: Form N-35
Partnerships: Form N-20
Individual: Form N-11 for resident. N-15 for non-Hawaii residents

To learn more about nonprofit filings, see our Hawaii nonprofit corporation page.

Estimated tax payments?

Form N-3 for Hawaii Corporations, and N-1 for personal returns.

Required if after deductions and credit, you will have a net tax due of $500 or more. Must make payments on 60% of current year taxable amount. Or 100% of prior years’ tax paid, whichever is greater.

Hawaii Department of Revenue:

Hawaii Department of Taxation
PO Box 259
Honolulu, HI 96809
Telephone: 800-222-3229 or 808-587-4242

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