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Corporate Guide Service – Terms and Conditions

Our goal is to help you get your company up and running with no minimal upfront costs and a low monthly cost.

1. Corporate Guide Service Includes: Paying the required State filing fees for your Corporation, Limited Liability Company or Non-Profit Corporation, providing Registered Agent service, obtaining an Employer Identification Number (“EIN”) and paying any other necessary Renewal Service Fee(s). We then divide the total amount of these fees, including a small convenience fee, into 12 equal monthly payments.

2. Your Corporate Guide Service begins as soon as your initial payment is processed. Your Corporate Guide Service will automatically renew each month without notice until you cancel. We will automatically charge you the then-current rate for your Corporate Guide Service plan, which includes any applicable taxes, every month of your annual contract until you cancel. The minimum term of the Corporate Guide Service shall be 1 year (“Annual Term”). By participating in the Corporate Guide Service, you agree to pay the initial and all recurring monthly payments. To cancel your Corporate Guide Service please see our “Corporate Guide Service Termination” section.

3. Annual Renewals. The Company will notify you about annual renewals including any adjustments to the monthly rate of your Corporate Guide Service plan. Upon notification of the annual renewal, you will have the option to opt out of the next Annual Term, pay for the full amount of Corporate Guide Service, or continue to pay monthly.

Corporate Guide Service Termination

1. We can terminate services. We may terminate Corporate Guide Service or Services at any time. Reasons for termination may include, but are not limited to: your failure to provide accurate, complete and current information for your account; the inability to locate you after reasonable efforts are made; your failure to pay for your Corporate Guide Services; suspected illegal activity; and any other lawful reason.

2. You may terminate your Corporate Guide Service at any time by logging into your account and canceling in your account. You must immediately pay the unpaid lump sum amount of your remaining Annual Term obligation. Cancellation is effective immediately upon completing the cancellation process. For example: If you signed up for Corporate Guide Service for $100 per month, that means the total Annual Term amount is $1200. If, After 2 months of Corporate Guide Service, you decide to cancel after three subsequent monthly payments. The amount of your initial fee and the three subsequent monthly payments would equal $400. To initiate cancellation of your Corporate Guide Service, you will be prompted in your online account to pay us the remaining $800 in order to complete your cancellation.

3. Non-Refundable Fee(s). Except as otherwise set forth in these Terms of Service, your Corporate Guide Service fees, once paid, are non-refundable and non-creditable for any reason whatsoever, including, without limitation, the cancellation of the Corporate Guide Service.

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