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Wyoming Annual Report Directions

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All businesses in Wyoming are required to submit an Annual Report to the Secretary of State each year. Annual Reports are updates to the corporate information listed with the state, such as the names and addresses of members/officers, business and mailing addresses, and registered agent information. Annual reports can be filed online or by mail.

If you hire Northwest Registered Agent, we will professionally prepare and submit your Annual Report well in advance of your compliance deadline. We guarantee that your Annual Report will be filed properly and on-time. Our service ensures that you remain compliant with this important state requirement.

WY Annual Report Costs, Due Dates and How to File

Business Type Cost Due Date How to File
Profit Corporations $50 First Day of Anniversary Month Online & Mail
Nonprofit Corporation $25 First Day of Anniversary Month Online & Mail
Foreign Corporation $50 First Day of Anniversary Month Online & Mail
Domestic/Foreign LLCs $50 First Day of Anniversary Month Online & Mail
Charities No Fee No Report No Report

How to File an Annual Report in Wyoming

Nonprofits in Wyoming file an annual report and pay the license tax each year at the beginning of their anniversary month. A Wyoming statutory trust is the only exception to the rule. The report is quick and easy to file online in Wyoming. See the link below.

  • WY Corporations, Nonprofits, Statutory Close Corps, LLCs, GPs, LPs, LLPs and LLLPs: Both domestic and foreign businesses can file the report online or mail the paper form to the Secretary of State. You will need your Filing ID number to print the report or file online. If you don’t know your Wyoming Filing ID number, you can find it by searching your business name on the WY Secretary of State website under ‘Online Services.’ Online filing is the best option in Wyoming.
  • WY Statutory Trusts: Statutory Trusts may file by mail or online also, but their filing date is different and the fee is a set rate.
  • WY Charities: There are NO reporting requirements for charities in Wyoming.



We will prepare and file your Annual Report for only $100 plus state fees. You never have to worry about missing compliance deadlines, getting hit with penalties and late fees, or losing your good standing. Simply hit Order Now and we will take care of the rest.


What is the cost to file the Wyoming annual report?

  • WY Corporations, PCs, LLCs, LLPs, LPs and GPs, domestic and foreign, typically pay $50. The annual fee is based on assets located in Wyoming. A license tax worksheet is included as part of the Wyoming annual report. The tax is either $50 minimum or $.0002 per dollar of business assets, whichever is greater. Businesses with $250,000 of Wyoming assets or less pay the $50 minimum fee. Wyoming adds a $2 credit card convenience fee for online filing.
  • Wyoming Nonprofits pay a $25 annual report fee.
  • Wyoming Statutory Trusts pay a $100 annual report fee.

Does Wyoming require an Initial Report?

No. Annual reports are not due for a year after starting a business in Wyoming.

When are Wyoming Annual Reports Due?

Your registered agent in Wyoming can be a great asset in staying current on your reporting requirements. If you sign up to use Northwest as your registered agent we send reminders so you know when to file.

  • WY Corporations, Nonprofits, Statutory Close Corps, LLCs, GPs, LPs, LLPs and LLLPs:
    File the annual report by the first day of their anniversary month. So if your WY filing date is April 15th, your annual report is due on April 1st each year.
  • WY Statutory Trust:
    File the Annual Report by January 1st each year.
  • Wyoming Charity:
    No filing requirement.

What is the penalty for a delinquent Annual Report in Wyoming?

Wyoming does not add a delinquent penalty fee for late filers, but they do dissolve your domestic company or revokes your foreign business pretty quickly if you don’t file. They mail out a delinquency notice and then you have 60 days from the date on the notice to file your annual report and pay your tax or your business will be administratively dissolved or revoked. Dissolved domestic corporations or LLCs in Wyoming have to pay the annual report taxes plus a $50 fee to reinstate. Foreign companies must start over with a new certificate of authority. There is a $5000 penalty if a company is found to be conducting business in Wyoming without authority.

Who can file Wyoming annual reports?

Anyone with authority can file the annual report.

Are original signatures needed?

If you print and mail the report form, Wyoming requires original signatures.


Wyoming Secretary of State

Business Division
State Capital Building, Room 110
200 West 24th Street
Cheyenne, WY 82002-0020
Phone: 307-777-7311
Fax: 307-777-5339
Email: business@wyo.gov

Wyoming Annual Report Compliance Service Includes:

  • Instant annual compliance service.
  • Guaranteed professionally prepared and submitted Annual Report.
  • Guaranteed not to miss your compliance deadline.
  • No hassles, no worries, no hidden fees, no kidding.
  • And, most importantly…We’re just not annoying™.
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