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Internet Affiliate Marketing Program

We have two registered agent affiliate and company formation affiliate options available:

  1. We have our own in-house affiliate tracking system.
  2. Or we can utilize Shareasale.com’s affiliate system. Shareasale.com provides tracking and automatic payments and distributions. Here’s our information on Shareasale:

Both systems work for any signups going to:

Registered Agent Only Orders:
Company Formation Orders:

Affiliate Marketer/Publisher Benefits:

  • Highest conversion rate in the industry. Why? We work with our publishers and customize landing pages how you’d like them, working back and forth and continually analyzing the data to see where we’re both succeeding and failing. If you’re willing to put in the work, we’re willing to do what’s needed to make our program significantly better than any other registered agent or incorporation service affiliate program you’ll find. Our publishers tell us the big famous sites convert about 1-5% for incorporation services and ours convert anywhere from 9-25%.
  • Your clients’ info won’t be sold. The business model of the big box websites and many smaller outfits trying to be the next LegalZoom is to get your visitors’ contact details. Then, they have agreements with many other B2B services to sell that client as a lead. Most prominent incorporation services and company formation services make between $400-$1300 from EVERY lead you send them by selling your clients’ information to many 3rd parties. As a registered agent service, we legally cannot sell your clients’ information to 3rd parties. We have ZERO third-party agreements to sell leads and get paid. Our business model is entirely being a registered agent and doing corporate filings.
  • We pay you most of the order. For example, we charge a flat rate of $100 to do a corporate filing. We pay out $85 of this. The affiliate management company takes about 25% and you end up with a net of $60 for every sale. You may get fooled into thinking your clients will pay less at another website—but after that website gets the initial cheaper order for an introductory price, you’ll find they will hit up your visitor for more later and cut you out of those commissions. We don’t play this game. We pay out 85% of what we collect, and we count on 4 out of every 10 of your referrals being around in year 2 where we’ll make our money by being their registered agent. That’s the full story. If you’re going to spend your valuable time working on your website properties, you should know the full game plan for your clients’ money, your money, and ours.
  • No Collections. We do not send your clients to collections. We find getting a phone call from a bill collector incredibly annoying and would never send our clients to one.
  • Industry leading tools. We provide online tools that will help your visitors start and maintain their business on their own or hire us to do corporate filings for them.

Choosing an Affiliate Service Provider

As a website publisher, you have an important choice deciding where you send your visitors. We recommend running a test before you make your final decision: try calling the website you refer your clients to. Our bet is when you call Northwest, you’ll be talking to a seasoned Corporate Guide® with little or no wait time.

Learn More About Northwest Registered Agent

We also have a wholesale registered agent program for anyone looking to get into the business and provide the actual services themselves. If you’re a B2B business service provider, we will create a custom affiliate program that makes sense for you.

Please reach out to us and let us know what your ideal scenario would be: what pages you’d like to highlight, what your website angle will be, what you’d like to link to, and how you’d like things to work. Even if you decide to use the Shareasale platform, we need you to reach out to us so we can set up an internal affiliate account for you, get a relationship going, and start working together to make something valuable for both of us.

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