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Alaska Biennial Report Service & Filing Instructions

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Every Alaska business must file a biennial report once every two years with the Alaska Division of Corporations, Business & Professional Licensing.  Domestic corporations and LLCs pay a $100 filing fee. Foreign LLCs and corporations pay a $200 filing fee. Regardless of whether the company is foreign or domestic, however, the Alaska Biennial report for LLCs and corporations is due January 2, every other year. What year a company files their report is determined by the year that the company was originally formed or registered to do business in Alaska. If the year company registered in an even numbered year, they will always file the Alaska Biennial Report in even numbered years (vice versa, for companies formed/registered in odd numbered years).

Alaska nonprofits must also file Biennial Reports, however, they must file by July 2. The Biennial Report filing fee for Alaska nonprofits is $25, with a possible late fee of $5.

You can complete the filing online on the Alaska Division of Corporations, Business & Licensing’s website. Or, if you don’t want to deal with the hassle you can hire us to complete the Biennial Report on your company’s behalf.


File the Biennial Report yourself

You start by going online to the Alaska Division of Corporations, Business & Licensing website. Perform a business name search for your company. You then select your business from the search results and click the link to file the Biennial Report for your company. Click on either the ‘online’ icon or the ‘pdf’ if you want to print the hardcopy and mail it in. Either way you must enter your business name and the Division will generate a report form for you to print out and mail with a check, or file it online with a credit card.When filling out the biennial report, you include the following information and update it if necessary:

  • Name and address of the company.
  • Name and address of your registered agent in Alaska. (You have to file a separate change of agent form if you are changing your Alaska registered agent)
  • Names and addresses of officers/managers and directors/members.

Hire Us

For $200 ($300 for out-of-state companies), we’ll file your biennial report, you don’t have to worry about it, and you can stop reading this page now.

Alaska Biennial Report Fee Schedule
Business Type Cost Due Date How to File
Alaska has biennial reports. You file every other year. The year you file is determined by when you originally formed your business entity. If you created your company in an even numbered year, you always file the biennial report in an even numbered year. If you started your company in an odd numbered year, reports are due every odd numbered year.
Corporations $100 January 2 Online or Paper Form
Foreign Corporations $200 January 2 Online or Paper Form
Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) $100 January 2 Online or Paper Form
Foreign LLCs $200 January 2 Online or Paper Form
Nonprofits, Cooperatives, and Religious Corporations $25 July 2 Online or Paper Form
Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) $100 January 2 Online or Paper Form
Foreign LLPs $200 January 2 Online or Paper Form
Late Fees: Alaska provides a month grace period. If a domestic company files more than a month late, a late fee of $37.50 is added to the biennial report fee. Late foreign reports must pay a $47.50 late fee. Nonprofits must pay a $5 late fee.



What is the cost to file the Alaska Biennial Report?

  • Alaska Domestic Corporation: $100
  • Alaska Professional Corporation: $100
  • Alaska Foreign Corporation: $200
  • Alaska Professional Corporation: $100
  • Alaska Cooperative Corporation: $100
  • AK Foreign Cooperative Corporation: $100
  • Alaska Domestic LLCs, PLLCs and LLPs: $100
  • Alaska Foreign LLCs and LLPs: $200
  • Alaska Nonprofit Corporation: $25
  • Alaska Religious Corporation: $25
  • Alaska Charities registration and annual renewals are $40.

Do charities need to renew every year?

Yes! Alaska Charities renew each year by completing the annual registration and renewal form and mailing it in to the Alaska Department of Law, Consumer Protection Unit, with a check for the fee.

Are there initial reports in Alaska?

Yes, all new domestic corporations, professional corporations, domestic nonprofit corporations and domestic limited liability companies in Alaska must file an initial report within six months of their formation date. There is no fee for the Alaska Initial Report. If Northwest is your Alaska registered agent, we will remind you of your initial report due date as well as your biennial report filing date.

When are the Alaska biennial reports due?

  • Alaska Corporations and PCs: AK corporation biennial reports are due by January 2nd every other year. If your company was formed or registered in an even-numbered year, you file your biennial report every even-numbered year.
  • By February 1st, add the late penalty to the fee.
  • Alaska LLCs, PLLCs and LLPs: File by January 2nd on either even or odd years matching their formation or registration year.
  • Alaska LPs: No AK report.
  • Alaska non profits: AK nonprofit corporations file biennial reports every other year no later than July 2nd, matching their filing year.
  • Alaska Charity Renewals: September 1st each year.

Late fees?

  • The late penalty for domestic corporations, LLCs and LLPs is $37.50.
  • Foreign corporations, LLCs and LLPs pay a late fee of $47.50.
  • Nonprofit corporations pay a $5 late fee after August 1st.

Who can file?

After starting a business in Alaska, anyone with authorized to do so may sign.

Are original signatures needed?



State of Alaska
Corporations Division
P.O. Box 110806
Juneau, AK 99811-0806
T: (907) 465-2550
F: (907) 465-2974

Alaska Department of Law
Attorney General Office
1031 W. 4th Avenue, Suite 200
Anchorage, AK 99501-1994
T: (907) 269-5200
Email: corporations@alaska.gov

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