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Alaska LLC


Our Corporate Guides™ will not only form your Alaska LLC, but guide you through the process. Our $100 service fee includes:

  • Filed Alaska LLC Articles
  • AK LLC operating agreement
  • AK LLC resolutions
  • AK LLC membership certificates


We’re with you for the long haul:

  • We’ll be your AK registered agent
  • AK annual report reminders
  • Access to AK business forms
  • Talk to a Corporate Guide™ anytime
  • Use Our Address - Not Yours
  • Registered Agent Service Included
  • Corporate Guides™

Alaska Limited Liability Company

There is a lot you need to know about forming an LLC in Alaska. First you will need to complete your filing with the Alaska Division of Corporations, then you will need to take steps to maintain your Alaska LLC. The information below will be helpful as you get started and as your business grows.

How do I form an Alaska LLC?

File Articles of Organization with the Alaska Division of Corporations, Business, and Professional Licensing. You can do this by paper or online.

  • Forming an LLC in Alaska will cost a $250 LLC articles of organization state filing fee.
  • It will take about 7-10 business days to process your Alaska limited liability company articles of organization if you file by paper.
  • If you file online, your Alaska LLC will get processed and approved immediately.

Our Alaska LLC Service Includes:

Fast LLC Formation:
Orders Filed Same Day
Address Security:
Use Our Address - Not Yours
365 Days Of Premium
Registered Agent Service
Real-Time Notifications
& Document Scans
Custom Operating Agreement
& Membership Certificates
A Fully-Optimized LLC
Ready To Protect Your Assets
Secure, Online Client Portal
& Instant Service
Annual Report Reminders
& Compliance Notifications
Bank Account Approved
Documents & Forms
Corporate Guide™ Service:
We Help Navigate Business Maintenance

What is required to file Alaska LLC Articles of Organization?

To form an Alaska LLC, you file Alaska LLC Articles of Organization. The Alaska Articles of Organization cost $250 to the Alaska Division of Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing. These LLC articles can be basic or complicated. We custom draft your Alaska LLC Articles of Organization when you hire Northwest to do your Alaska LLC registration, but if you’d like to save some money, you could just hire us as your AK registered agent, and then we supply you all the correct forms to file and filing instructions in your online account immediately. The basic requirements are:

  • The business name must have a limited liability company ending or variation of it.
  • The new Alaska LLC’s name must be different than already registered Alaska companies. Perform a free business name search to check yours.
  • Duration of the Alaska LLC.
  • The purpose of the Alaska limited liability company.
  • The Alaska registered agent and the physical address.
  • The names and addresses of the initial member(s), and organizer, if any.
  • If the limited liability company is to be managed by one or more managers, list the names and addresses of the managers.
  • The Alaska member/organizer must sign.
  • Name, address and phone number of the person that prepared the form.

Alaska does not require original signatures on filings. The registered Alaska LLC paperwork will be mailed to the person who made the filing.  If you file online, you can see all the filed documents immediately.

What’s the actual process to start an Alaska LLC?

  1. Alaska LLC registration is started when you file the Articles of Organization for an Alaska LLC with the division of corporations, business and professional licensing.
  2. An initial report must be filed within 6 months of the AK LLC registration date (an Alaska biennial report is due on January 2nd on subsequent years).
  3. You obtain a federal tax ID number with the IRS after you have confirmation from Alaska that the LLC is completely filed.
  4. You should be able to open a LLC banking account with these items.
  5. You register your Alaska LLC with the department of revenue or labor if you’re going to have employees or need to withhold sales tax.  Alaska has a general business license that all businesses truly operating in Alaska have to do.
  6. You obtain a trade license, if you actually need one. (Most businesses don’t.)
  7. You obtain a local city or county general license, if you need one.
  8. You obtain a local trade license, if the city or county you’re going to be working in requires it.
  9. If you’re going to have an office or shop, you might need an approval from the city zoning for your type of business in that location.

Do I need an Alaska registered agent?

Yes, all Alaska LLCs must list a registered agent in the articles of organization. If you sign up for service now, we provide forms and instructions to make forming your Alaska LLC simple!

What does our Alaska LLC formation service include?

  • Drafting custom Alaska company articles of organization.
  • We make the state filing with the AK Division of Corporations.
  • The organizer initial resolution.
  • LLC operating agreement.
  • The LLC state filing fees.
  • Alaska registered agent service
  • Our fees are: $100 Alaska limited liability company service and $125 Alaska registered agent service.

Total Alaska company cost if you use our services:

$475 for an Alaska limited liability company and that includes a year of registered agent service plus the state’s Alaska LLC filing fee.

Any AK company expedited options?

We auto expedite all Alaska corporate filings. It will only take us 1 day to complete an AK LLC.

How much does an AK LLC cost each year?

The Alaska biennial reports are due every other year at the beginning of the year. Any new LLCs formed or registering to do business in Alaska have to file an initial report within 6 months of the registration date.  Alaska LLC biennial reports are $100.  The initial report is free.

What are the Alaska LLC taxes?

There is no personal income tax in Alaska. The Alaska LLC is defaulted to be taxed at the personal level, making it very easy and virtually free from an Alaska tax perspective. Alaska has no sales tax, but Juneau has a small 1.13% sales tax. Anchorage, where our office is, does not have a sales tax.

Do I need a Federal tax ID number?

Once you have formed your Alaska LLC, you can get your federal tax ID number from the IRS. This may be necessary to open a bank account and will definitely be necessary to hire employees.

What forms and documents do I need to start an Alaska LLC?

Please take advantage the following Free LLC Forms:

What should I know about doing business in Alaska?

Starting an Alaska LLC is just the beginning.

What are my other options for Alaska business entities?

Want to compare entities? See our Alaska corporation page.

Are you a do-it-yourselfer? You can save some money:

If you want to form an Alaska limited liability company yourself, you can just hire us as your Alaska registered agent, and you’ll instantly have the Alaska LLC forms to file and filing instructions on the quickest, cheapest, and most efficient way to file Alaska LLCs. Whether you want to form an Alaska limited liability company or an Alaska corporation, you’ll get the ongoing support of our online tools, compliance reminders and the support of a professional Alaska LLC agent service.