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Montana Annual Report Service & Filing Instructions

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Montana state law requires all Montana corporations, nonprofits, and LLCs to file a Montana Annual Report each year. These reports must be submitted to the Montana Secretary of State, Business Services. The instructions below will help you file the Montana Annual Report yourself. Our guide includes due dates, filing fees, required information, and answers to common filing questions. Or, you can avoid the extra hassle altogether and hire us to file the report for you!

Need to file in another state? Visit our State-by-State Annual Report Guide.

How to File Your Montana Annual Report

To successfully file your Montana Annual Report, you must complete these steps:

  1. Determine your due date and filing fee.
  2. Complete your report online.
  3. Submit your report and fee to the Montana Secretary of State.


Montana Annual Report Due Dates and Fees

All Montana Annual Reports must be filed by April 15th and have a $20 filing fee. If you miss the April 15 deadline, your business will be charged a $15 penalty and lose its good standing with the state.

Filing Your Montana Annual Report

The Montana Annual Report can only be filed online through Montana ePass. If you don’t already have an ePass account, you will need to create one.

  1. Log into your ePass account and then close the tab. I realize this sounds strange, but just trust us.
  2. Next, you’ll need to visit the Montana Secretary of State website and go to the Business Service page.
  3. Click the box that says “File An Annual Report.”
  4. Enter your business name, then select the “Search” button.
  5. Select your business from the search results.
  6. At the top of the page, click “File My Renewal.”

Here is a complete list of everything you’ll need to include, update, and/or verify on your Montana Annual Report:

  1. State you initially formed your business in.
  2. Registered agent name and address.
  3. Officer/director OR member/manager names and addresses.
  4. Principal address.
  5. Signature and title of person filing the report.

Your filing fee must be paid with a credit card.

When you hire Northwest Registered Agent to file your Montana Annual Report, you’ll never have to worry about potential late fees, penalties, or forgetting to file. Relax, we’ve got your business covered!

Get Montana Annual Report Service Today!

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How Our Montana Annual Report Service Works

For $100 plus the state-mandated report fee, we’ll file your annual report. For all foreign and domestic businesses, that’s $120 total.

  • You can sign up for this service by itself or add it to an existing service inside your client account. Compliance service is also automatically added when you hire us to provide your registered agent service or form your Montana LLC, Montana corporation or Montana nonprofit.
  • Once you’re signed up for our business renewal service, you’ll pay nothing up front. We’ll send you a reminder 90 days before your filing due date and auto-charge your preferred payment method five days later.

Annual Report Service Benefits

At Northwest Registered Agent, we’re committed to protecting our clients’ privacy. Montana Annual Reports are public record, so we’ve designed our annual report service to protect your privacy. Here’s how:

  1. We will list OUR contact information instead of yours on the report form.
  2. Only the minimum required information will be included.
  3. We will list our IP address – limiting the connection between your cell phone, personal computer, and work computers – this makes it harder for advertisers to follow you.
  4. We will list our bank and credit card information – not yours.

We believe everyone has the right to keep their information private. That’s why privacy is our guiding principle when we create every service and product.


Montana Annual Report FAQ

Does the state of Montana require new businesses to file initial reports?

No, new businesses in Montana are not required to file initial reports.

Are there late fees or penalties if I don’t file my Montana Annual Report?

If you miss your due date, you will be charged a $15 penalty fee, and your business will no longer be in good standing. Montana also will dissolve domestic LLCs and corporations that fail to file by December 1st. Foreign LLCs and corporations that fail to file by November 1st will be revoked.

How long does Montana Annual Report processing take?

Because Montana Annual Reports are filed online, your report will be processed immediately.

Who is authorized to file a Montana Annual Report?

After starting a business in Montana, anyone within the business (e.g. officer or member) OR someone who is hired to file on your business’s behalf may file your Montana Annual Report. When you hire Northwest Registered Agent for business renewal service, we’ll file your report for you!

Do Montana Annual Reports need original signatures?

Nope! You can submit your Montana Annual Report with electronic signatures and/or copies of original documents.

Where can I get more information about the State of Montana Annual Report filing?

Montana Secretary of State
P.O. Box 202801
Helena, MT 59620-2801
T: (406) 444-5522


Hire Us To File Your Montana Annual Report

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