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Cultivating the Future Workforce: Delaware Has the Right Idea

The state of Delaware is thinking ahead by providing early opportunities for an ample, skilled workforce.

Governor Jack Markell has continued to emphasize Delaware’s extremely business-friendly climate by unveiling a new initiative which would prime high school students for the workforce.

In early April 2014 Markell presented  the Accelerated Career Paths program, which allows high school students to receive professional manufacturing certificates when they graduate. The state has enabled this by joining forces with Delaware Technical College and the Delaware Manufacturing Association to create a two-year program which students can join as juniors and seniors. They would attend classes in the traditional school setting for part of the week, and then receive hands-on, real-world training right at Delaware Tech the other part of the week, as well as have the opportunities extend into the summer months.

This program shows Delaware’s dedication to creating opportunities for a broad range of economic talent for future generations. As Governor Markell has noted, wages in the manufacturing industry are generally 16% higher than averages wages in the US economy.

Delaware understands that the quality of the workforce can and will positively affect their economy. It’s up to businesses to decide where they wish to locate their operations, and whether they decide to start a business in Delaware. By creating an ample pool of skilled workers, Delaware is increasing their chance of attracting big industry and jobs, and continuing their legacy as one of the most business-friendly states in the nation.


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