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Anti-Thought Leadership

you have to sell good stuff – duh!

I am always amazed at how many small businesses sell crappy stuff. I was walking Moose this afternoon and saw... View Article
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Lowes spends over 16 million a year to collect 10 9’s for customer phone numbers

I’ve been spending a lot of time in Lowes and Home Depot lately.  When you check out at Lowes they... View Article

employees are actually a business owners BOSS

I am not a big fan of cliché sayings like “You’re only as good as your employees” or when businesses... View Article

Facebook is no longer relevant to service businesses

So when does a trend become a thing of the past?  When will Facebook become the has-been that MySpace now... View Article

How bad service killed this guys future sales

I am always amazed at stupid business owner moves that ruin a company’s name in the community and kill future... View Article
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pricing right on Craigslist and your business services

If you price Craigslist stuff right it will sell in less than 3 days I’ve always been amazed at the... View Article
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Why doesn’t Legal Zoom buy its competitors

The biggest machine in our industry is Legalzoom.  You’ve all seen their ads on TV or heard them on the... View Article
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my thoughts on LegalZoom Inc going Public LGZ

First off, let me say congrats to all the LGZ employees and managers for such an accomplishment.  I hope all... View Article
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Your company is only as good as your current morale

Company morale is something that I’ve always been very interested in.  The overall morale of a company immediately affects a clients... View Article

Why to NOT sell add-on services to your clients

Why selling add on services may give you a bad name We don’t sell many different things. We also resist... View Article