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How the California Privacy Law Can Help Your Business

We’re being watched. Sadly, in 2020, this feels like old news. The personal details of our lives, from where we... View Article

Why You May Want an LLC For Your Etsy Business

Building a successful Etsy business is an art in and of itself. Whether you retail vintage merchandise or create unique,... View Article

How to Manage Political Discussions in the Workplace

Don’t talk about politics or religion at the bar. The old tried-and-true adage could once be applied to a handful... View Article
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What Work Looks Like Post Coronavirus

Compared to the stuffy and cubicle-filled offices of the the past, many of today’s open-concept corporate offices were designed with... View Article

3 Approaches to Communicating Sensitively With Your Employees During COVID-19

Many successful small business owners are well-versed in clear and open communication with their employees, maintaining a sense of safety... View Article
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The Coronavirus Economic Impact: Will Business Interruption Insurance Help (& What Are My Other Options)?

The economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic is significant and may be felt for months or years to come. The... View Article
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Starting a Home-Based Business in the Wake of Coronavirus

Out of work? You’re not alone. Thousands of people across the US are suddenly jobless due to coronavirus quarantines and... View Article
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How to Find a Trustworthy Business Lawyer

The Hollywood image of a corporate lawyer is essentially that of a slick car salesman in a fancy suit—so it’s... View Article

Resilience in the Business World

Resilience is adaptation. It’s flexibility and the willingness to pivot into whatever new circumstances befall your anticipated path. It’s the... View Article

Ford Created a Noise-Canceling Doghouse

Back in December, talk of a noise-canceling doghouse hit the news. It’s understandable if you missed it, considering all of... View Article