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How to Find a Trustworthy Business Lawyer

The Hollywood image of a corporate lawyer is essentially that of a slick car salesman in a fancy suit—so it’s... View Article

Resilience in the Business World

Resilience is adaptation. It’s flexibility and the willingness to pivot into whatever new circumstances befall your anticipated path. It’s the... View Article

Ford Created a Noise-Canceling Doghouse

Back in December, talk of a noise-canceling doghouse hit the news. It’s understandable if you missed it, considering all of... View Article

Old Slang Terms that Should Be Brought Back Immediately

Okay, so the title of this blog is misleading. These old slang terms don’t need to be brought back immediately... View Article

How To Make The Workday Before A Holiday A Productive One

It’s New Year’s Eve, and everybody at work is daydreaming about their plans for tonight, which means: nothing is getting... View Article

It’s Christmas Eve And You Still Need Gifts For Your Coworkers… Now What?

The time for holiday shopping is finally almost over, and you’ve got something for all your friends and family. But... View Article

Your Business Guide to Millennial Slang

Does your social media marketing fall flat? Does it seem like the only reliable customers are the ones you already... View Article

How the Midterm Election Results Might Affect Small Business

The 2018 midterm election brought Democrats back to power in the House while Republicans kept control of the Senate. The... View Article

Definition of a Snobster – Hipsterism

Ahhh. It’s so refreshing to see a new level of Snobby Hipsters coming into their own in Spokane. If you... View Article

Yes Greasy Mustache Hipster Barista Man – you make a good americano

I tried the new Vault coffee shop in CDA about 4:30 to wake up for a drive back to Spokane.... View Article
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