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Thinking about leaving the country because taxes are too high?

  Have you ever actually considered moving to another country because your taxes were too high? You’re not alone. Although... View Article

Things You Should Never Say On A Resume

Here are some things that you should never say to me on your resume, cover letter, email, or in person:... View Article

We’re just not annoying.

It’s our trademark and for a good reason. We strive to make things as easy as possible. We at Northwest... View Article

Is this email really from the BBB?

Want to know how you can tell if an email is really from the BBB or not? If the BBB... View Article

1 year and our phone book is half the size!

This is a pretty amazing result of where things are for phone book companies, the web, and marketing in general. ... View Article

I’m so sad about Lance Armstrong

It’s such a bummer to me that Lance Armstrong is giving up his fight against the doping charges.  He must... View Article

Domains with privacy shouldn’t rank in Google

How often have you Googled something and clicked on a website that had a generic name, some wordy content, and... View Article

2012 is almost over! Better concentrate

Ok, so it’s July.  Do you really know what that means? The year is half over.  All those goals you... View Article
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My Staff Rocks – Thank you to everyone!

I work a lot of hours.  But the reality is my staff is so good that I wouldn’t really have... View Article
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my son got attacked by Bumblebees at Kohls

Kohls has these $5.00 bumble bees for a kids charity.  Regardless 5 bucks for a medium sized stuffed animal is... View Article
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