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Why I’m worried about the US economy in 2014

  Why I’m worried about the US economy in 2014 Quite simply put; taxes are going up 50%+ for the... View Article

Some 2013 successes and failures

  Aren’t you sick of seeing all these spammy emails wishing you a happy new year or telling me you’re... View Article

do you really want pre-paid monthy on call legal?

I receive a lot of upsell emails where you can sign up for a monthly fee, and then you get... View Article

Will Delaware’s Benefit Corporations Benefit You?

As of August 1, you can now form a public benefit corporation in Delaware, which makes these relatively new corporate... View Article

We Make Our Desks Inhouse

We make our desks in-house   It’s painful to hire new employees at Northwest. Literally, Cody hobbles around for days... View Article
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rest in peace Microsoft and IE – Internet Explorer

Rest in Peace Internet Explorer and Microsoft. My Internet Explorer ( IE ) Eulogy. Microsoft, why have you done this... View Article
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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West baby name North West the namesake of Northwest Registered Agent

We at Northwest Registered Agent want to thank Kim Kardashian and Kanye West publicly for naming their baby after our... View Article
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jack hoffman husker touchdown run

Man. What a moment. Jack Hoffman (a 7 year old) getting to run a play on the Husker Red/White game... View Article
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Posting my 2012 Tax Return online again – This is what it’s like doing business in the US

Took it down to the wire this year, but did get my 2012 corporate tax return done on time again…... View Article
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1 year without email or texting on my cell phone – update

A year ago I took email and texting off of my cell phone to attempt to be a better family... View Article
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