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What to Know about LLC Membership Certificates


LLC Membership Certificates are issued to limited liability company owners, also called members. Each certificate indicates an individual owner’s financial stake in the company. Here’s what you need to know:

What are LLC membership certificates?

LLC membership certificates—also called membership interest certificates—are official documents issued to each LLC member. They act as an official record to show that person’s ownership percentage in the LLC, functioning similarly to the way stock shares do for corporations. They are an important part of the record-keeping process for an LLC.

How do I fill out an LLC membership certificate?

An LLC membership certificate is an internal document, so individual companies are responsible for creating these certificates in-house. That said, each membership certificate is an official document and important for good record-keeping practices, so you’ll want to make sure you include all necessary information. You can typically buy blank LLC membership certificate documents from a registered agent’s office, or even from an office supply store.

See Northwest’s Free LLC Membership Certificate Template.

Do I need membership certificates for an LLC?

Technically, no. State statutes typically don’t require LLC’s to issue membership certificates. However, these documents are crucial for making sure your company is on solid footing, and maintains good LLC practices.

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