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Converting Contractors to Employees

If your business uses independent contractors, you may eventually need to change one to an official employee. There are several... View Article

How to Lead Like Jason Vorhees

Since 1980, Jason Vorhees has led the pack in not only movie serial killers, but great motivators. No matter the... View Article

Claiming the Home Office Deduction For Your LLC

If you work from home as the owner of an LLC and file taxes as a sole proprietor or member... View Article

Naming a California Corporation

Unlike most other states, California doesn’t require corporations to include a business entity identifier like “Inc” or “Corp” in their... View Article

Naming S-Corporations

  Despite being called S-corporations, S-corps aren’t necessarily required to include “Inc” or “Corp” as part of their legal business... View Article

How to File IRS Form 8822-B, Change of Address or Responsible Party

You’ll file Form 8822-B to inform the IRS of a business mailing address, business location, or responsible party change. Only... View Article

How to Prove Ownership of an LLC

This post on how to prove ownership of an LLC was inspired by a great question we received from a... View Article

North Carolina Sales and Use Tax Registration

Q: Do you help set up the tax resale certificate? If so, can you send me the instructions? Thank you... View Article

Convert a Delaware Corporation to an LLC

Q: My partners and I have discussed re-incorporating our company from a C-corp to an LLC. What is the process... View Article

Start a Real Estate Series LLC in Wyoming

Q: I am considering creating an LLC in Wyoming for owning real estate as a landlord. I currently live in... View Article