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Small Business Grants for LGBTQ-Owned Businesses in 2023

Pride Month may be almost over, but LGBTQ-owned businesses support our communities and economy year round. To help these businesses... View Article

Hiring Summer Employees? Here’s What to Know About Employing Minors

With summer heating up and school out for the next few months, teens are looking for a job, spare cash,... View Article

How to Become a Certified LGBT Business Enterprise

If you’re an LGBTQ business owner, becoming a Certified LGBT Business Enterprise through the NGLCC can help you market your... View Article

10 Small Business Grants for Black-Owned Businesses in 2023

To celebrate Juneteenth, we wanted to give shout-out to the Black-owned small businesses that help our communities thrive, so we... View Article

Our Favorite Dad Jokes for Father’s Day

For Father’s Day, you can get your dad steaks for the grill, a book for his library, or perhaps the... View Article

What Is Corporate Personhood?

“Corporations are people.” You’ve probably heard that said before, but what does that actually mean? It’s a reference to the... View Article

How to Get a California Seller’s Permit

You’ll need a California seller’s permit if you are selling tangible goods in California. To get a seller’s permit, you’ll... View Article

Can a Married Couple Form a Single-Member LLC?

A single-member LLC sounds straightforward: It’s an LLC owned by just one person. However, there are situations when a married... View Article

Should I Form an LLC for My Comic Book Shop?

Many comic collectors dream of opening a store of their own, but owning a comic book store is fraught with... View Article

What Are Non-Cash Expenses?

A non-cash expense is just what it sounds like: a cost your business doesn’t pay for in cash. Also called... View Article