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It’s Christmas Eve And You Still Need Gifts For Your Coworkers… Now What?

The time for holiday shopping is finally almost over, and you’ve got something for all your friends and family. But... View Article

Your Business Guide to Millennial Slang

Does your social media marketing fall flat? Does it seem like the only reliable customers are the ones you already... View Article

How the Midterm Election Results Might Affect Small Business

The 2018 midterm election brought Democrats back to power in the House while Republicans kept control of the Senate. The... View Article

Cultivating the Future Workforce: Delaware Has the Right Idea

Business and industry is collaborating in Delaware, and Governor Jack Markell has recently unveiled a program which will train current high school students as the future manufacturing workforce in their state. This continues to propel Delaware forward as a business-friendly state. Do you have a program like this where you live, and do you believe it will help bolster future industry?

So You Want to Sue A Business…What If They Have Disappeared?

If you find that you need to serve a business a lawsuit, what happens if you cannot track them down to serve them papers? While every state is required to have a registered agent, sometimes businesses are able to fall through the cracks. Here's what you should do.

Minimum Wage Increase: Yay or Nay?

President Obama spoke of a federal minimum wage increase during his State of the Union address recently, and other states are considering an increase on their own. Would this be detrimental to small business owners, or would the increase benefit everyone?

Best thing about Winter in Spokane

I don’t think the City of Spokane actually has a snow removal plan, and I was realizing a silver lining... View Article

What a Registered Agent Service Should Offer to You

This is what you should expect when hiring a professional registered agent--a helpful, secure location with business professionals who will help make your life as a business owner simpler when it comes to dealing with the state.


  Our opposition to .CORP, .INC, .LLC, .LLP, and .LTD new Tld domain extensions  As a company that only deals... View Article

Why I’m worried about the US economy in 2014

  Why I’m worried about the US economy in 2014 Quite simply put; taxes are going up 50%+ for the... View Article