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How to change your registered agent in Illinois

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What are the options and different ways you can change your Illinois registered agent?

Illinois gives you two options for changing your registered agent. The simplest and quickest is to change it online at the link below. You select Corp Agent Change or LLC Agent Change. This online method is more expensive because the agent change will be processed in one day and Illinois law requires that they add the expedited fee.

The other option is to go to the same link and click on Publication and there you can download all Illinois business forms. There is a separate form for corporations and limited liability companies. Form BCA 5.10/5.20, Statement of Change of Registered Agent and/or Registered Office is the form to be used by all corporations and Form LLC-1.36/1.37, Statement of Change of Registered Agent and/or Office is used for all limited liability companies. Send the change of agent form in duplicate to the Illinois Secretary of State by mail or in person along with the filing fee. Illinois Secretary of State no longer accepts fax filings, but encourages business formations and registrations be done online.

Learn more about What is a Registered Agent?

How much does it cost to change your registered agent in Illinois?

There is a $25 filing fee to change your registered agent in Illinois. Expedited processing, which can only be requested in person or online, is an extra $50. Online filing charges another $2 on top of that for processing the credit card payment, for a total of $77.

Sign up for registered agent service with Northwest and you will find the pre-populated form for filing your change in your online account.

How long does it take the state to process and complete the change of registered agent in Illinois?

Business documents submitted to the Illinois Secretary of State are processed in approximately seven to ten days. Expedited filings and online filings are processed in 24 hours.

Illinois Secretary of State contact information:

The Illinois Secretary of State has two offices; the main office in Springfield, and another office in Chicago. Most documents are accepted at the Chicago office.

Illinois Secretary of State
Michael J. Howlett Bldg.
501 S. 2nd St., Rm 328 (LLC Division is Rm 351)
Springfield, IL 62756
(217) 782-6961, or

Illinois Secretary of State
69 W. Washington, Suite 1240
Chicago, IL 60602
(312) 793-3380

Illinois Secretary of State Corporations link:


Registered Agent Service in Illinois Includes:

  1. Instant registered agent services annual price: $125.
  2. Instant Illinois forms located directly in your online account to make a filing in Illinois.
  3. State resources in your registered agent service account, with self-filing instructions to help you.
  4. We send multiple annual report reminders, and you can also track your due dates in your online account.
  5. We locally scan ‘service of process’ and all documents to you in real-time for no added cost.
  6. And, most importantly…We’re just not annoying™.
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