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Girlfriends Boston

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Located in Boston, MA

Girlfriends Boston

Ana Baptista empowers women all over Boston.When Ana Baptista moved from Venezuela to Boston in 2014, she was fully prepared for the adjustment period a major move brings. She knew it would take time to find her own hangout spots and friends. Luckily for Ana, her camera was her ticket to discovering her new city and meeting people quickly, and it ultimately planted the seed for a new business venture.

As a photographer, Ana was invited to exclusive events that allowed her to mix and mingle with awesome people in great venues. She recognized most people don’t have that opportunity, which can make exploring a city and trying to make friends difficult. Ana made it her mission to replicate her unique experience for other women, and in 2018, Girlfriends Boston was born. Girlfriends Boston’s goal is to facilitate connections and community for local women through a calendar of events, activities, and online spaces.

Today, Ana operates Girlfriends Boston as her full-time job, and has added two employees. While business is going well, Ana notes that her progress hasn’t always been linear.

“It’s not a straight line,” Ana says. “Things change constantly and you have to adapt again and again. But if you’re confident in the business that you have and the purpose that you’re serving, I think it usually pays off at the end.”

Finding Common Ground in Beantown

Ana connects women at events throughout the metro area. At those events, women can find friendship and networking opportunities right alongside photo-worthy experiences. Activities include kayaking, brewery hangouts, and picnics.

“I always say that the activities that we host are mainly things that I enjoy myself, so as I continue to grow personally and professionally, then creativity comes along the way,” Ana says. Feedback from members is also crucial to determining what events make the calendar.

Girlfriends Boston’s membership packages also offer perks like discounts to shops, a monthly members-only meeting, and an exclusive WhatsApp group that allows women to connect with each other outside of events.


“You never know who you can come across that’s going to become your friend, so always be nice to other people,” Ana says. Making friends as an adult is hard, but Ana’s work makes it easier.

And at Northwest Registered Agent, it’s our job to make Ana’s working life easier. Ana plans the events, posts them on social media, and does everything else imaginable for Girlfriends. She also finds time to run a social media agency. For both companies, she relies on Northwest to act as her registered agent and keep her businesses in good standing.

“Your guys are very reliable, and tell me what I need to get done to keep my business moving,” Ana says. “I rely on Northwest to tell me what to do.”

In the future, Ana would like to expand her services to other cities in the Northeast, and possibly even around the country.

Ana’s Advice to Entrepreneurs

Ana wants to tell would-be business owners “to be patient not only with the process but with themselves.”

“Things change constantly. You just have to adapt and keep your people close by and just hold onto them during hard times.”



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