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Lis Lee Accounting

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Located in North Carolina

Lis Lee Accounting

Lis Lee Accounting is a North Carolina-based accounting firm working with solopreneuers all over the United States. Owner Elisabeth Lee started her business in 2017 to help business owners take control of their finances and become more profitable. She demystifies the often scary world of business finances and taxes, helping every day people gain confidence and clarity with money.

Lis Lee is ready to help with your business finances.

The Beginning

Lee didn’t always want to own and operate an accounting firm on her own. In fact, for the first part of her career, she was vehemently against it. “I grew up watching my dad surrounded by stress as he grew a small business,” Lee writes on her website. “He was working long hours and extended weekends, building the family business without much support. I didn’t want that kind of stressful lifestyle for myself.”

However, the longer Lee worked in traditional accounting, the more she realized that the stress solopreneuers go through isn’t an inevitable part of being your own boss. The worst part for most people was understanding the money. When business owners had support, she found there was less fear, anxiety, and overwhelming dread.

The Process

After years of experience in government/non-profit, private sector, and public accounting, Lee now helps business owners with strategies for everything from financial system design to record keeping and cash flow management.

When she takes on a new client, Lee knows they’re looking for more than just a bottom line. “I’m not here to overwhelm you with numbers and jargon because that’s not what you need. What you need is a partner to walk alongside you through the complicated stuff.”

The Reward

Running your own business certainly has more benefits than drawbacks in Lee’s experience. Though she was hesitant to branch out on her own at the beginning, Lee has found great purpose in owning Lis Lee Accounting.

“The biggest reward of operating my own company is being able to work the way that best fits who I am so I can bring my gifts to serve other business owners,” Lee tells us. This is echoed on her website’s blog where Lee details three rewards of running her own business: satisfaction from using her skillset, joy from helping business owners achieve their goals, and flexibility from making her own schedule.


The Lesson

When asked what she’s learned since starting her own business, Lee answers us easily: “Small actions taken over time add up to meaningful results – the key to progress is to keep showing up – be consistent and persistent!”

Then, considering her experience starting her own business, she adds, “If you really want to start your own business – my tip would be to start sooner rather than later. You will figure it out, but you will only be able to do that if you start! Take one step, one action after another, and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.”

Lis Lee Accounting offers services in all 50 states. Reach out today to learn more about their Do-It-Yourself Financial Education and Done-For-You Accounting Services.

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