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Touch of Gold Massage and Wellness LLC

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Located in Maryland

A Touch of Gold Massage and Wellness LLC

A Touch of Gold Massage and Wellness centers women's health in the heart of their business and personalized services.

Based in Maryland, A Touch of Gold Massage and Wellness LLC caters exclusively to women’s massage and wellness needs. Owner Brittany Horton says she chooses to focus her services on women “due to the enduring importance of women’s health issues, particularly reproductive health.”

Brittany’s passion for massage drives her to offer services aimed at reducing mental stress while focusing on physical rejuvenation. Here’s the story of how she got her business off the ground.

A Passion for Business

It all started when Brittany attended massage school. “Massage has been a fascination of mine long before I enrolled into an official program. The benefits of massage therapy are both extensive and remarkable and I just want to be able to share this with as many people as possible.”

Having always worked for someone else, Brittany knew that owning her own massage business was a priority. “I attended massage school with the express intention of owning my own business one day.” Using Northwest’s Business Identity service, she was able to get her massage business online and start booking clients. With no web design experience, Brittany worked with Northwest to build out her business website and make it her own.

Challenge Meets Opportunity

Starting a business as a solo owner and operator comes with challenges, and building customer trust is extra important in massage and wellness. “I’m building my client base from scratch, as I do not intend to acquire clients from my previous employers. This makes retaining regular clients quite challenging. Additionally, many people are either unaware of the benefits of massage or uncomfortable with the vulnerability associated with being undressed in the presence of a stranger, which poses another major challenge. I have worked diligently to create a comfortable and secure environment, remaining open to client preferences, and addressing any questions they may have.”

Standing Out From the Crowd

As you can imagine, there’s a lot of competition in the massage and wellness space. How does A Touch of Gold Massage and Wellness stand out? Brittany says it’s all about focusing on each customer as an individual. This includes “curating massage playlists with various music genres, and developing a client tracker to offer discounts for regular clients.”


Why choose an elephant as your logo?

“For many years, I’ve harbored a deep affection for elephants, drawn to their various positive associations, which encompass good fortune, wisdom, strength, royalty, and power. Revered symbols in numerous African and Asian cultures, these majestic creatures are often seen as heralds of new beginnings and bringers of good fortune.”



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