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How To Publish Your Notice Of Incorporation In Georgia

Georgia Secretary Of State Requires Publication Of A Notice Of Incorporation For Domestic Corporations

What are the publishing requirements of a Georgia Corporation?

All corporations must publish a notice of intent to incorporate in a newspaper which is the official legal organ of the county where the initial registered office of the corporation is to be located.  The notice should be published once a week for two consecutive weeks and it should contain the name of the corporation, the name of the registered agent and the address of the registered office in Georgia.

When do you have to publish your notice of incorporation in Georgia and what is the cost?

Each corporation in Georgia should send their notice of incorporation, along with a $40.00 publication fee, directly to the newspaper no later than the next business day after filing articles of incorporation with the Georgia Secretary of State.

What information needs to be in the published notice?

A Georgia corporation must publish a notice of incorporation that includes: The name of the corporation. The name and address of your initial registered agent.
Send your notice to the legal organ in the form of a letter such as:

Dear Publisher:
Please publish once a week for two consecutive weeks the following notice:

Notice is hereby given that articles of incorporation that will incorporate (name of corporation) have been delivered to the Secretary of State in accordance with Georgia Business Corporation Code.  The initial registered office of the corporation is located at (address of registered office) and its initial registered agent at such address is (name of registered agent)

Enclosed is a check in the amount of $40.00.


(Authorized signature)

Can I publish in any paper in Georgia?

Publish a notice of incorporation in the official legal organ of the county of the initial registered office.  The Georgia Superior Court Clerks can help you find the contact information for the paper that you need to publish in.  Legal organs are journals that publish public notices and are published by the county probate judge, sheriff and clerk of the court. If you sign up for registered agent service with Northwest Registered Agent, your legal organ is the Fulton County Daily Report, published in Atlanta and it is the most widely read legal organ in Georgia.

Contact Fulton County Daily Report at the following mailing address:
190 Pryor Street
Atlanta, GA 30303-3607
Phone: (404) 521-1227

What business entities must publish a notice of incorporation in Georgia?

Only domestic corporations, for profit and nonprofit, must publish a notice of intent to incorporate in Georgia.  Foreign corporations and Limited Liability Companies have no publication requirements in Georgia.

What is the cost of publication of intent to incorporate in Georgia?

The publication fee of intent to incorporate is set by Georgia law at $40.00.

What is the penalty if you fail to publish a notice of incorporation in Georgia?

There is no penalty in Georgia for failure to publish a notice of intent to incorporate.

Does Georgia Secretary of State want proof that you published your annual statement?

Do not file your proof of publication with the Secretary of State of Georgia.  Keep your affidavit with your corporate records.

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