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Georgia Corporation

Incorporating Georgia Corporations

What is a Georgia corporation?

Georgia corporations are separate legal entities established by the shareholders. The shareholders elect to have an incorporator make the action to incorporate a Georgia corporation to create a separate entity from them personally.

How much do Georgia corporations cost?

A Georgia corporation will cost $100 to file the articles of incorporation.

How do I form a Georgia corporation?

Once the filing is received, it will take the Georgia Secretary of State 5-12 business days to process your GA corporation articles of incorporation if you mail the form. You can also file domestic Georgia corporations online and those get processed in 5-12 business days.

You can expedite the filing for an additional $100 fee. If you expedite, Georgia will process your incorporation in 24 hours.

How are Georgia corporations regulated?

Georgia Corporations are governed by the Official Code of Georgia – Title 14, Chapter 2 – Business Corporations.

What do the Georgia Articles of Incorporation require?

The basic Georgia articles of incorporation requirements are:

  • The Georgia Corporation must have a corporate ending such as INC, Incorporated, Corporation or a different variety.
  • The Georgia corporation name must be different than already registered Georgia corporations
  • The number of shares the Georgia Corporation is authorized to issue
  • The corporations principal mailing address
  • The name and office address of the registered agent in Georgia
  • The name, address, and signature of the incorporator(s)

You can file the articles of incorporation yourself and use our free Georgia corporate tools we provide in your online account, or you can pay our $100 incorporating Georgia service fee and we’ll do it for you.  When you pay us to form your Georgia corporation, your money actually goes back into the local community.  Why?  Because we actually run a business in Georgia, just like you.

What does your Georgia incorporation service include?

  • Drafting custom GA corporation articles of incorporation.
  • The incorporator initial resolutions.
  • Georgia corporate bylaws.
  • The Georgia corporation state filing fees.
  • Georgia registered agent service.
  • Our fees are: $100 incorporating Georgia service and $125 Georgia corporate agent service.

Total incorporating Georgia package for only $325 to form a Georgia corporation, and that includes the state filing fees.

Does Georgia have an articles of incorporation publication requirement?

New Georgia corporations must publish a notice of intent to incorporate. This Georgia corporation publication requirement applies to all corporations.

Do I need a Georgia registered agent?

You need to list your Georgia registered agent in your articles of incorporation. As your registered agent, we accept service of process and official documents on your behalf. And we always scan and upload them to your online account from out local office in Georgia.

What are the ongoing filing requirements for a Georgia corporation?

Georgia corporations have to file Georgia annual reports with the Secretary of State. You can file the report and pay the $50 fee online.

How do I get a Federal Tax ID Number?

If you need a federal tax ID number, that can be obtained online immediately with the IRS.

What about Georgia taxes?

Georgia corporations are subject to Georgia taxes. The corporate tax rate in Georgia is 6%.

What else should I know about my Georgia corporation?

Not only do we provide every Georgia form you may need in your online account, we also provide instructions for any state filing you may encounter:

What Georgia corporation forms do I need?

We provide many Free Corporate Forms, including the following:

Should I incorporate in Georgia?

If you aren’t sure, we suggest learning more about the Georgia LLC before incorporating in Georgia.