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How to Dissolve a Kansas Corporation

How do you dissolve a Kansas Corporation?

The Kansas Secretary of State allows filing by mail, in person, online or by fax.  If you file by fax, an additional $20 fee applies.

Online filing: You can dissolve your Kansas corporation by filing electronically on the Business Center website.  You can get there by going to the SOS website and clicking on “Business Filing Center.” Then you can choose to file the dissolution.  You will need the business entity name and/or business entity I.D. number from the Kansas Secretary of State (SOS).  If you file online, you can pay by credit card or checking account.

Paper filing: There are three options for corporate dissolution. Choose the form you need based on whether your corporation has commenced business or issued stock. You will need to file one of the following forms with the Kansas SOS:

Certificate of Dissolution Prior to Commencing Business

For Profit Corporation Dissolution by Stockholders’ Meeting or

For-Profit Corporation Dissolution by Written Consent

The forms you need are available on the Kansas Secretary of State (SOS) website or in your client account when you sign up with Northwest.

Deliver corporate dissolution documents to:

Kansas Office of the Secretary of State Memorial Hall, 1st Floor 120 S.W. 10th Avenue Topeka, KS 66612-1594 Phone: (785) 296-4564 Fax: (785) 296-4570
Submit one original for filing.  After processing, the SOS will mail the document back to the corporation.

Kansas Corporation Dissolution FAQ

Is there a filing fee to dissolve or cancel a Kansas Corporation?

Paper dissolution filing fee: $35 Online dissolution filing fee: $30

Do you need a Department of Revenue clearance before the Kansas Secretary of State will accept your dissolution?

No, Kansas does not require tax clearance to dissolve a corporation or LLC.  However, if you have not filed your annual reports, Kansas SOS will not process your dissolution until they are current.

How long does it take the state to process the filing?

Normally, processing documents takes 2-3 business days. Online filing is immediate.

How long before someone can take your business name?

There is no protection for your corporate name following dissolution.  Someone else could use your name immediately.

What is the penalty if you just don’t file your annual reports?

If your registered agent in Kansas will help keep you updated on your business’ status.

If a Kansas corporation does not file its annual report and fees, the SOS will not process the withdrawal until it receives the report and fees.

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