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What are the publishing requirements of a Nevada Foreign Corporation?

Nevada Law requires that each foreign corporation that wishes to be qualified to do business in the State, must publish a statement of it last calendar year’s business in two issues of a newspaper published in Nevada that has a weekly circulation of at least 1,000.

When do you have to publish your annual statement in Nevada?

Each foreign corporation in Nevada must publish an annual statement not later than March in each year, or not later than the end of the 3rd month following the close of each fiscal year.

What information needs to be in the published statement?

A Nevada Foreign Corporation must publish an annual statement that includes: The name of the corporation. The name and title of the corporate officer submitting the statement. The mailing or street address of the corporation’s principal office. The mailing or street address of the corporation’s office in Nevada. Do not list assets and liabilities.

Can I publish in any paper in Nevada?

Nevada law requires you to publish your annual statement in two issues of any Nevada newspaper with a circulation of at least 1,000.  There are several newspapers in Nevada that specialize in publishing foreign corporation annual statements, and many offer forms online.

Nevada Legal Press offers the form, the two publications and the proof of publication for $30.

Some publication forms ask for a list of assets and liabilities, but that particular requirement was removed in 2009.

What business entities must publish their annual statement in Nevada?

Only foreign corporations, for profit and nonprofit, must advertise in Nevada.  [NRS 80.190 et seq.] Although many Nevada newspapers may claim all business entities need to publish an annual statement, and there is no specific statute that states that only foreign corporations must publish, NRS 78-Private Corporations and NRS 86-Limited-

Liability Companies does not refer to any publication requirements.

What is the penalty if you fail to publish an annual statement in Nevada?

A Nevada Foreign Corporation which neglects to publish a statement is liable to a penalty of $100 per month that the statement remains unpublished.  Any district attorney in Nevada or the Attorney General may sue to recover the penalty.  A foreign corporation in Nevada that fails to comply with the publication requirement is not authorized to transact business in Nevada.

Does Nevada Secretary of State want proof that you published your annual statement?

Do not file your proof of publication but keep it in your files in case you are asked for it by the Nevada Secretary of State or a District Attorney.

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