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How to Get a DBA in Michigan


Registering a DBA name for your Michigan company is a way of creating a new name for your business. Here’s what you need to know about DBAs in Michigan:

What is a Michigan DBA?

A DBA (“doing business as”) name is actually called an assumed name in Michigan. Unlike your business’s legal name—the one registered with the state on behalf of your company—a DBA is not a separate legal entity. It’s an operating name that acts sort of like a pseudonym for your business, or a part of your business.

Why would I need a Michigan DBA?

You might consider an assumed name for your Michigan business if you’re a sole proprietor and want to keep your personal name separate from your business name. Or, if you’re forming a new branch of an existing company under a separate name and don’t want to start a brand new entity. Planning on creating several different subsets of your company under several different names? You can obtain a DBA for each of them!

How do I get a DBA in Michigan?

To get a DBA (or “assumed name”) for your Michigan business, you’ll need to visit the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) Corporations Division. There, you’ll be given instructions about choosing a name, how to file your name at the county level, and filing a Certificate of Assumed Name Form. The LARA site also provides information on adding your assumed name to business-related insurance forms.

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