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Guam Articles of Incorporation – Free for Download

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The articles of incorporation are filed to officially incorporate your company

Articles of incorporation are the documents that are filed with the governing agency that incorporates businesses. In Guam’s case, the articles of incorporation are filed with the Director of the Department of Revenue. Guam requires that your articles of incorporation be printed or type-written, that there be original signatures, and there is also a fee that goes along with them to the Director.

Articles of incorporation can be long and drawn out articles with a lot of legal jargon that doesn’t necessarily need to be there, or they can be drastically simplified. The main purpose is to have something in writing to officially file with the government that shows you wish to incorporate. According to the Guam Business Corporations Act, Division I, Part 5 of Title 18 of the Guam Code, Chapter 2, §28202, here’s the minimum information that needs to be set forth on the articles:

  • A corporate name for the corporation that satisfies the requirements of §28401 of Guam Code Annotated
  • The number of shares the corporation is authorized to issue
  • The corporation’s initial place of business
  • The name and address of each incorporator
  • Although it is not required by Guam code, you might want to include the name and address of your registered agent on your articles. You will need to register your registered agent with the Director of the Department of Revenue and Taxation anyway, and will also need to list your registered agent when applying for a business license, so you will need one eventually. If listing the registered agent, the registered agent must sign the articles (registered agent consent).


Download Guam Articles of Incorporation

Additional Information

One (or more, if necessary) person(s) may act as incorporators of a corporation by filing and delivering the articles of incorporation to Guam’s Director of Revenue and Taxation for filing.

We offer streamlined, simple articles of incorporation for your use, for free. Simply download them to get started—good luck! If you are incorporating a business, then you will eventually need to file a Sworn Annual Report. You can find information on that report here. Guam Sworn Annual Report

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