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Idaho Annual Report Filing Directions

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To keep in good standing, every business in Idaho must file an annual report with the Idaho Secretary of State. However, unlike almost every other state, Idaho does not charge a filing fee for the annual report, which means Idaho annual reports are free to file. But if you don’t file an annual report within 60 days, the State of Idaho may dissolve your business entity or revoke its ability to do business in the state. So, it’s important to file.

Idaho annual reports must be filed online on the Secretary of State’s website. Annual reports are due at the end of the month in which the company was originally formed (domestics) or registered to do business in Idaho (foreigns).

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of filing your annual report, you can hire us to complete the report on your company’s behalf for $100 total.

Idaho Annual Report Fee Schedule
Business Type Cost Due Date How to File
Corporations $0 All business entity types must file their annual report by the end of the month in which they originally registered to do business in Idaho. You must file the annual report online on the Idaho Secretary of State’s website.
Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)
Nonprofits, Cooperatives, and Religious Corporations
Partnerships (LPs, LLPs, etc.)
Late Fees: No late fees, but if you don’t file within 60 days of your due date the state might dissolve your company or revoke its ability to do business in the state. 


To complete your Idaho annual report, you have two filing options: file yourself or hire us.

  • Complete the Filing Yourself
    Idaho sends a postcard to your registered agent every year with the entity information. If you are your own registered agent, locate the postcard and find the entity filing number and PIN number on the postcard. Visit the Idaho Secretary of State’s Business Entity Online Annual Reporting. Enter your filing number and PIN number from the postcard (if you don’t know where your postcard is, you’ll either need to do a paper filing or contact the Secretary of State). On the annual report, confirm or update the following information where appropriate:

    • Company Name
    • Business Mailing Address
    • Name and address of your registered agent in Idaho (can be changed on annual report).
    • Name and address of at least one member/manager or names and business addresses of corporation officers
    • Signature of authorized person
  • Hire Us
    If you don’t want to deal with any of this, for $100 total, we’ll file your annual report and you can stop reading this page now.

What is the cost to file the Idaho annual report?

Idaho annual reports cost nothing to file.

ID Corporation, PCs and Nonprofits-domestic and foreign: $0

ID LLCs and PLLCs-domestic and foreign: $0

ID LPs and LLPs-domestic and foreign: $0

ID Charities: No filing or renewal requirements in Idaho.

How to file your Idaho annual report with the Secretary of State:

Even though Idaho only offers one option for filing the annual report, it is absolutely the simplest state for filing an annual report. The Idaho Secretary of State will send your ID registered agent a postcard with your entity number and PIN. Then you just go to the Secretary of State’s website and click on the “Business Entities” tab and the “File your Annual Report” link. Then just enter your information. It takes one minute.

All domestic and foreign businesses registered with the Idaho Secretary of State have to file the annual report. This requirement applies to all ID LLCs, PLLCs, LLPs, LPs, and GPs.

Idaho Charities have no registration or reporting requirements.

When is the Idaho Annual Report Due?

The Idaho annual report is due to the Secretary of State by the last day of their anniversary month each year. So if you filed in Idaho on April 15th, your annual reports will be due every April 30th.

Does Idaho have initial report requirements?

No. When you start a business in Idaho, you do not need to file an initial report.

Late fees?

There is no late fee. However, after 60 days the Idaho Secretary of State will dissolve or revoke your business. Then you have to pay a $30 fee to reinstate.

Who can file Idaho annual reports?

Anyone with authority.

Idaho Secretary of State
PO Box 83720
Boise ID 83720-0080
Phone: 208-334-2301
Fax: 208-334-2080
Email: sosinfo@sos.idaho.gov

Idaho Annual Report Filing Service Includes:

  1. Instant annual compliance service for only $100 total.
  2. Guaranteed professionally prepared and submitted Annual Report.
  3. Guaranteed not to miss your Annual Report deadline.
  4. No hassles, no worries, no hidden fees, no kidding.
  5. And, most importantly…We’re just not annoying™.
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