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Special Meeting Minutes of Directors

Special meetings of directors occur outside the normal annual directors meetings—and like all meetings, require meeting minutes. It’s not uncommon for opportunities to occur that require the directors to meet and discuss special matters. Since important business decisions are made at these meetings, we provide this free special meeting minutes of directors template.

Special Meeting Minutes of Directors

Special Directors Meeting – Free Meeting Minutes Template

Please enjoy our free minutes template for your corporation’s special board of directors meetings. Like all our forms, this template is intended for individual use.

We also offer other directors meeting minute templates, including templates for initial and annual directors meetings.

What should special directors meeting minutes include?

As the name suggests, these meetings happen under special irregular circumstances. Nevertheless, as with most meeting minutes, there are some general items that should be included:

  • Meeting Information: The date, location and purpose of the meeting.
  • Attendance: The names of the directors and any others who were present. The minutes should also reflect whether a director was present in person or by proxy (a representative of the director).
  • Election of Meeting Chairperson and Secretary: The chairperson runs the meeting, and the secretary keeps the minutes.
  • Statement of Quorum and Waiver: The chairperson confirms that a quorum (minimum number) of directors is present. The secretary confirms that sufficient notice of the meeting was given or waived.
  • Review of Previous Minutes: The previous meeting’s minutes should be made available for review.
  • Officer Selection/Removal: if applicable, a statement of any officers’ appointment, removal, or change in compensation.
  • Other Items: The template includes space for any additional items of business conducted.
  • Signatures: The meeting secretary and witnesses (if any) should sign and date the minutes.

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