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Statutory Requirements For A Certificate Of Organization In Iowa

Drafting And Filing A Certificate Of Organization For Iowa

How do I know what the Iowa Secretary of State needs for a certificate of organization?

When forming a Limited Liability Company in Iowa, the usual first step would be to visit the Secretary of State Website, Business Services. Find the link below. Next you select the Online Forms. As you scroll down to Business Organization and click on Domestic Limited Liability Companies, you find that the filing fee is $50. But when you click on what you are hoping will be a fillable form for Certificate of Organization, you are instead directed to the chapter of Statutes, Iowa Code that deals with the required elements for a Certificate of Organization. Trying to decipher the language can be daunting.  Iowa does offer some forms, such as applying for authority for a foreign LLC. We have furnished here a template that you can print out and fill in if you like, or you can hire our company to be your Iowa registered agent. We offer professional registered agent service and business formation service. We have a great deal of experience at getting the complicated process correct the first time.

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