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How to Reinstate a Minnesota LLC

To revive a Minnesota LLC, you’ll only need to file a current annual renewal form and pay a $25 fee. Below, we provide a free, step-by-step guide to reinstating your Minnesota LLC.

Revive A Minnesota Limited Liability Company

The Minnesota Secretary of State has the power to administratively dissolve or “terminate” your LLC if you don’t file your annual renewal every year by January 1st.

To get back into business again, you can apply for reinstatement. To revive or reinstate your Minnesota LLC, you’ll need to submit the following to the Minnesota Secretary of State, Business Services:

  • a current Minnesota annual renewal
  • a $25 filing fee
  • an amendment and filing fee to change your registered agent or name (if needed)

How much will it cost to revive a Minnesota LLC?

Filing an annual renewal in Minnesota is free for LLCs, but once your Minnesota LLC has been administratively terminated, you’ll need to pay the $25 filing fee ($45 to expedite). If you are filing an amendment, you’ll also have to pay the $35 filing fee.

How long does it take the state reinstate my Minnesota LLC?

It takes the Minnesota Secretary of State 3-5 business days to process filings. All hand-delivered filings are expedited and processed while you wait.

Can you change your Minnesota registered agent when you reinstate?

No. To change your Minnesota registered agent, you’ll need to file a Notice of Change of Registered Agent form.

How long do you have to revive a Minnesota LLC?

You can revive a business in Minnesota at anytime by filing a current annual renewal and paying the $25 fee.

What if my Minnesota LLC’s name was taken while it was terminated?

If another company adopted your Minnesota LLC’s name during termination, you won’t be able to use it anymore. You’ll need to change your name by filing a Minnesota LLC amendment.

How do I file the Minnesota annual renewal?

You can file your Minnesota annual renewal online, by mail, or in person. Check out our free guide to filing the Minnesota annual renewal. Payment options depend on how you plan to file:

  • Online: credit card
  • Mail and In-person: check or money order (“payable to “MN Secretary of State”)

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