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Getting a Business License for a Nevada LLC

How to Get a Business License in Nevada

Q: How do I get a state business license for my Nevada LLC—and do I need a local license, too?

Thanks to one of our customers in Nevada for this great question! Nevada is a strange state in that it actually issues a state business license, in addition to local business licenses issued by city or county offices. (Most states ONLY issue business licenses at the local level.) Here’s what you need to know about getting squared away with your business license(s) in the state of Nevada:

Do I need a state business license in Nevada?

Yes. In fact, the Nevada LLC Formation Packet includes the application for a state-issued business license, making it all too easy to apply for your state business license AND submit your Nevada LLC Articles of Organization at the same time.

Does Nevada’s state business license need to be renewed?

Yes. You must renew your Nevada state business license annually. The cost is $200.

How much does it cost to get a Nevada state business license?

The filing fee for Nevada’s state business license is $200.

What do I need to include in my Nevada State Business License Application?

You’ll need to provide the following information in your Nevada State Business License Application:

  • Name of entity
  • Entity type (i.e. “Limited-Liability Company”)
  • List of initial managers (if manager-managed) or members (if member-managed)
  • Indicate whether your business is one of the following entities (and thus exempt from the business license fee):
    • Government entity
    • Insurance company
    • Nonprofit entity
    • Unit-owners’ Association
    • Other organization with 501(c) designation
  • If a nonprofit:
    • Indicate whether your organization intends to solicit charitable or tax-deductible contributions, and ONLY if “yes”:
    • Include an “Exemption From Charitable Solicitation Registration Statement”

Will I need any other business license(s) in Nevada in addition to a state-issued business license?

Probably. Most businesses in Nevada must register for a Sales/Use Tax permit, and all businesses in Nevada are required to obtain local licenses in their city and/or county. To find out what specific license(s) your business needs, use the state’s New Business Checklist. Here’s what you’ll need to submit:

  • Type of business (i.e. LLC)
  • Type of industry for your business (using NAICS Codes)
  • Number of physical locations in Nevada
  • Employee status (whether or not you plan to have employees)
  • Tax requirements, specifically:
    • Whether you plan to sell “tangible personal property” (i.e. material goods)
    • Whether you plan to purchase tangible personal property for storage or use (as opposed to resale)

For local permits, you can also reach out to your local clerk’s office directly to make sure you have all the correct paperwork for your business. Contact information can be found on Nevada’s County Clerk Contact Information page.

For more about NAICS Codes, see Northwest’s page: NAICS Codes, Explained.

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