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How To File An Oklahoma LLC Amendment

Step By Step Guide To Oklahoma LLC Amendments

How to file an Oklahoma LLC Amendment:

To make amendments to the organization of your limited liability company in Oklahoma, you file the Amended Articles of Organization of an Oklahoma Limited Liability Company form with the Secretary of State by mail, in person or by fax and with the filing fee. You have the additional option of filing amendments online in Oklahoma. Find the link below.

Can you restate the initial articles instead of filing an amendment in Oklahoma?

No. You need to use the Restated Articles of Organization form for that.

Are there any specifics you can or can’t include with an Oklahoma LLC amendment?

An Oklahoma Limited Liability Company may amend any article of organization that has been approved by the management including a company name change.

How much does an Oklahoma Limited Liability Company amendment cost?

To amend your LLC’s Articles of Organization in Oklahoma, there is a $50 filing fee.

How long does it take the State to process a Oklahoma Limited Liability Company amendment?

Normal processing: Approximately one week.
Expedited processing: One day.
Online filing: One day.

How will the LLC amendment be returned?

After you submit your articles of amendment, a receipt acknowledging the processing of your amendment will be returned to you by mail from the Oklahoma Secretary of State.

What State agency do you file an amendment with?

Oklahoma Secretary of State
Business Filing Department
2300 N. Lincoln Blvd., Room 101
Oklahoma City, OK 73105-4897
(405) 521-3912
Fax:  (405) 521-3771

Can you change the Oklahoma LLC members or managers using an amendment?

Oklahoma doesn’t care who the managers of the limited liability company are. It is not asked for in the original Articles of Organization.

Can you change the Oklahoma registered agent on the amendment?

Yes, but if you only want to change your Oklahoma registered agent, make sure you have other amendments as well. It’s twice the cost of a Change of Registered Agent filing.

Can you change the principal office address and/or the mailing address on an LLC amendment?


Online Amendment filing link:

Oklahoma LLC Amendment Online Filing Portal

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