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How To File A Vermont LLC Amendment

Step By Step Guide To Vermont LLC Amendments

How to file a Vermont LLC Amendment:

If you want to amend your Vermont LLCs articles of organization, file Articles of Amendment: Limited Liability Company, in duplicate, with the Vermont Secretary of State, Corporations Division (SOS). The form is available in your online account immediately when you sign up for registered agent service with Northwest. You may draft your own Vermont LLC articles of amendment. The Vermont SOS does require original signatures on filed documents, so you have to submit the amendment by mail or in person. You cannot submit documents to the Vermont SOS by fax or online. Include a self addressed envelope so the SOS can send your filing acknowledgement.

The Vermont SOS does not accept cash or credit cards, so you should also include a check for fees payable to the Vermont Secretary of State.

Can you re-state the initial articles instead of filing an amendment?

Yes, you can restate the Vermont LLCs articles of organization in the same way that you would file articles of amendment. Just designate in the heading that the document is a restatement of the articles. There is a $25 filing fee to restate the articles of organization.

Are there any specifics you can or can’t include with a Vermont LLC amendment?

You have to file an amendment to change your Vermont LLCs name. You can change your business name by entering the old name and new name on the amendment form. You can also change your LLCs duration on the amendment form.

How much does a Vermont Limited Liability Company amendment cost?

There is a $25 filing fee to amend your Vermont LLCs articles of organization.

How long does it take the state to process a Vermont Limited Liability Company amendment?

Mailed and walked-in documents are processed by the Vermont SOS in 3-5 business days.
The Vermont SOS receives a lot of annual reports in January-April, so if you file an amendment during that time, it could take longer to process.

How will your Vermont LLC amendment be returned?

The secretary of state will mail you an endorsed copy of the Vermont LLC Articles of Amendment after filing.

What state agency do you file an LLC amendment with?

Office of the Secretary of State
Corporations Division
128 State Street
Montpelier, VT 05609-1104
(802) 828-2386
M-F, 7:45-4:30

Can you change the Vermont LLC members or managers on an amendment?

No. You could not change your Vermont LLCs members or managers on articles of amendment. The Vermont SOS does not require you to report changes members/manager information other than on the annual report, and that is when you should report any new information.

However, you can change your manager-managed LLC to a member-managed LLC and vice versa by checking the appropriate box on the amendment form and filling in the member or manager information.

Can you change the Vermont registered agent on the amendment?

No, you cannot change your Vermont registered agent by filing an amendment. You have to file a Vermont Statement of Change of Registered Office or Registered Agent form to change your Vermont registered agent.

Can you change the principal office address and/or the mailing address on an LLC amendment?

No. You can’t change the principal address by filing an amendment. Instead, submit written notice of the change to the Vermont SOS. You can also update your principal address when you file your annual report.


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